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Slim & The Supreme Angels



Live In Jackson, Mississippi



There are just some recordings that are ‘a must have’ for any fan of gospel quartet music.  Well, the video of Slim and The Supreme Angels, Live In Jackson, Mississippi, fits that description.  This video was released in 1996.

There are several matters that makes this recording historic.  One is that the video includes the LAST LIVE recording of the Late Daniel (Scotty) Scott, Jr.  Who can forget this extraordinary vocalist rendition of “Cast The First Stone?”  It is worth having this video just because it captures one of the best gospel songs performed by a legend – the Late Daniel (Scotty) Scott, Jr.

Another thing that makes this recording historic is the presence of Gregg Kelly. Gregg now has his own group –
Gregg Kelly and Foundation.  But, before organizing his group, Gregg was the second lead for Slim and The Supreme AngelsGregg is at his best on this video.  And, to see Scotty and Gregg interact while sharing lead duty on Some Day in and of itself is historic.  

And one more thing that makes this a historic recording is the live rendition of Death & The Beautiful Lady.  There is a lot of adlibbing in the song and it just makes the message conveyed by the song much more powerful.

The lineup of songs on the video is “Death and The Beautiful LadyChurch Folk (Talk too Much),” “Some Day,” and “Praise You Lord.”  This is followed by
Slim showcasing his storytelling talents with “Honey Dripper.”  The final four songs are “I Can’t Stay Here,” “Cast The First Stone,” “Shake My Hand,” and “Don’t Trust A Snake.”  As you can see from the songs listed, there are no truly ‘new’ songs.  The dialogues obviously had not been previously recorded.  Although, no original songs, all of the performances are definitely original and vintage Slim and The Supreme Angels.

The recording occurred at an outdoor festival and in a tent.  Apparently the festival required more than one performance by the group, one at night and one during the day.  The video actually contains footage from both performances.

Even though the recording was done outside (and also under a tent), the quality of the sound is great.  There are no highs or lows in the sound quality.  The recording level is consistent throughout the video.  The lighting on the footage from the outside clips is great. There is a lot of glare to the footage of the recording done under the tent.  But, it does not take away from the greatness of this video.  By the way, you can clearly see the entire group, with no blind spots. In addition, the close-ups of the group’s members are outstanding.  You will certainly appreciate the close-ups of Scotty.

If you like good hard hitting gospel quartet music than you must find this video.  If you want a significant piece of gospel quartet history in your collection than you must add this video.  If you just like good gospel quartet music, then this video is a must.

This is another video that is priceless.  We give this video a 10 out of 10.  This one will probably be very hard to find. 












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