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Welcome to the Gloryland Gospel Information Page. On this page you will find a brief history of the company. We have also provided information you need to know about opportunities for advertisement on Gloryland Gospel web site.    For further information contact Gloryland Gospel at

The Company

Gloryland Gospel was founded in February of 1997 in Fairfax Virginia by Rev. Donnie Addison. This now nationally known company began as a small column in Rev. Addison's home church newsletter.  The column was published monthly and contained quartet group history along with a variety of trivia questions.  Believe it or not, Rev. Addison also wrote about choirs and solo artists during these early days.  With the Internet just becoming popular during the early to mid-1990s, Rev. Addison was intrigued by the large amount of information that could be shared and accessed on a wide variety of subjects in Gospel music.  However, he was rather disappointed that there was no place to go on the Internet to find out information about his favorite genre of music Quartet Gospel. 

One day in the year of 1997 with a resolve to learn more about the Internet and web page design, Rev. Addison decided to learn how to build a website.  When the question arose as to what the site should focus on there was little doubt that it would focus on Quartet Gospel Music. Website design in the early 1990s was done the "old fashioned way" so to speak. The designer had to have some working knowledge of HTML code. The days of web design programs was many years down the road.  Rev. Addison learned web language (HTML) and took the first of many courses on web page design. 

During the early years, Gloryland Gospel was a regional based web-site focusing on area talent and those groups that dominated the national stage. With new page additions such as the Quartet Radio program, Gloryland Gospel is now known and visited by persons in countries like South Africa, New Zeland, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, and Australia to name a few. Through much prayer and a great deal of sacrifice that humble 3 page website has become the nation's #1 spot for Quartet Gospel on the Internet boasting more than 5,000 visitors weekly. 

Having served as the force behind the Gloryland machine since 1997, in the Summer 2004 Rev. Addison moved on to new opportunities.  Now own and operated by Soteria Management & Consultants, LLC, Gloryland Gospel will continue to reach higher heights and set standards in the Quartet music industry.


The Founder

Born in Charleston South Carolina on September 9th to Fred & Hermene Addison, Rev. Donnie Addison is the humble drive behind the Gloryland Gospel Company.  His love for the genre of Quartet Music has gained him the reputation as one of the youngest Quartet Historians living today.  At first glance Rev. Addison looks to be a young kid with little interest in music history.  However, a brief conversation with this young man will leave you amazed at his ability to remember historical information about Quartet groups and recordings.  Blessed with an amazing memory he has provided powerful seminars on Quartet History in various states. 

For a brief period of 3 years Rev. Addison founded and sang with a local quartet group in Virginia called The Tones of Joy.  Primarily singing tenor and falsetto in the background, he was known for his ability to sing all vocal parts in order to create beautiful harmony in the background.  With several awesome lead singers in the group Rev. Addison lead on several slow ballads and a few drive numbers.  He is the writer of several songs with the quartet drive "Call on The Lord" being his signature song. Focusing more on the promotion of the Quartet Industry now and his Ministry,  Rev. Addison is still known to sing an old time song before he preaches.

Never allowing the success of Gloryland Gospel to go to his head Rev. Addison was known to answer anywhere from 30 to 100 e-mails, and numerous phone calls daily from supporters, artists, and fans all over the world.  He has been blessed to attend many of the major Gospel events around the country providing the unique play by play reports that have become well known in the Quartet Industry.  Though the Internet is still very new for many quarteters, Rev. Addison is slowly but surely helping the Industry to see the value of 24/7 365 days a year advertisement through such a medium. Rev. Addison prays that some day the Quartet Industry will realize the potential found in this untapped market.  With over 50% of American households now owning at least 1 computer, groups can not afford to NOT have an on-line presence. 


Gloryland Gospel Services

Contact us by email -

 or by calling (803) 730-6295

for a quote for any of the services offered by Gloryland Gospel.

Promoter/Group full page Advertisement for 1 month with link from Gloryland Gospel's Quartet Promotions Page (Gloryland Gospel reserves the right to approve or modify any proposed advertisement).
Concert promotional advertisement, with link, on Gloryland Gospel's opening page for 1 month (Gloryland Gospel reserves the right to approve or modify any proposed advertisement).
Promoter/Group Advertisement for 1 month on Gloryland Gospel's Quartet Promotions Page (Gloryland reserves the right to approve or modify any proposed advertisement).
Group CD Cover/promotional slick advertised on Gloryland Gospel's opening page for 1 month (Gloryland Gospel reserves the right to approve or modify any proposed advertisement).
Liner notes for an artist or group’s CD written by representatives of Gloryland Gospel.
Historical or informational articles written by the editorial staff of Gloryland Gospel in magazines or other publications.
Consultative services (Includes unpublished reviews of projects).
Concert posting on Quartet Central under Gloryland Gospel screen name.
Use of “Live” concert photos taken by the staff of Gloryland Gospel in magazines or other publications.
Use of any concert photos taken by the staff of Gloryland Gospel on CD, other audio or video media cover. 
Quartet Links - for a link from Gloryland Favorite Links page for your web site. 
Group/promoter listing on the Gloryland Gospel Quartet Contacts Page.
For Seminars and Workshops by representatives of Gloryland Gospel contact us at
For Gloryland Gospel to cover your event contact for more information.
Please direct all other service requests not listed to .

If you are interested in securing any of these, or other, services offered by Gloryland Gospel please e-mail or call (803) 865-9256 or (803) 730-6900. 


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