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As we continue to thank God for allowing us to see another year let us remember to pray for the entire gospel music industry. It is the prayer of Gloryland Gospel that each and every artist presented throughout this year, and who continue to proclaim the Word of our Lord and Savior in song, will sincerely seek God in every action throughout the year.  Below you will find the latest in Gospel Quartet Industry News.






February 1, 2016 


Remember The Original Fantastic Heirs featuring Rev. Charlie Brown? With the passing of Rev. Brown, the group has reconstituted itself as The Fantastic Spiritual Voices of Atlanta, GA. They have a new CD titled Take Care Of Me.  Fans of The Fantastic Violinaires' style of gospel muisc will really enjoy the songs on the CD.  For more about the group, visit Gloryland Gospel Blog. And, listen to songs from the CD during the New Music Broadcast this month at Gloryland Gospel Quartet Radio.



February 1, 2016 


In recognition of Black History Month, Gloryland Gospel will feature an online broadcast titled Black History Tribute to The Legends of Quartet Gospel at Gloryland Gospel Quartet Radio from February 11 through 15 at Gloryland Gospel Quartet RadioAnd, the entire month of February at Gloryland Gospel Radio.



February 1, 2016 

February is sure to be another great month for gospel quartet music. Several groups are scheduled to release new projects this month.  Also, one of the major events this month will be the Family Fest in Albany, GA.  This year
The Pilgrim Jubilees and The Mighty Clouds Of Joy are scheduled to perform at the Family Fest.



February 1, 2016 

February is the month set aside to “formally” celebrate Black History. Most fans of traditional gospel quartet music actually celebrate Black History every time they play their favorite recording from the past. During this month, take the opportunity to share this aspect of Black History with someone. Tell them about the richness of this music. Tell them about the trials and tribulations the gospel quartet singers from the past had to endure to keep this music alive.

Tell them how
The Bells Of Joy, The Caravans, The Sensational Nightingales, The Swanee Quintet, The Salem Travelers, The Dixie Hummingbirds, The Gospelaires, The Pilgrim Travelers, The Swan Silvertones, The Victory Travelers, Clara Ward, The Gospel Harmonettes, and so many others, paved the way for the gospel artists of today.  Don’t miss an opportunity to talk about the History.  And, for the groups and singers that will be performing (ministering) this month, why not incorporate a song or two from the pioneers of Gospel Quartet Music into your performance (service).  What a great way to educate (or at least enlighten) your audience.



January 28, 2016


The Sensationals.  Remember that name – The Sensationals, of Cedartown, GA. In 2015, they released the CD I'm Blessed. It is simply outstanding. "Turn It Over To Jesus," "Bow Down" and "I Thank You" should quickly become fan favorites.  Listen to the entire CD during the New Music Broadcast in February at Gloryland Gospel Quartet Radio.



January 24, 2016


The Michigan Nightingales, whose breakout CD Sooner Or Later currently sits at Number 9 on Gloryland Gospel Top 20 Chart, have joined the 4 Clouds Records label.



January 20, 2016


Robert Williams’ Nu Gospel Keynotes


“Sang Robert!” was the command fans heard the late Willie Neal Johnson shout with such fervent passion at Robert Williams that we encouraged Robert from our church, auditorium and stadium seats to sing as if his life was in jeopardy. Robert Williams, Andrč Ellis (Smile-E), Michael “Face” Palmer and the Nu Gospel Keynotes' band will be singing with that same passion for years to come.


Learn more about the group at Gloryland Gospel Blog.



January 8, 2016


LIVE365 is shutting down. Unfortunately, the most respected online broadcast platform for online broadcasters has indicated that January 31, 2016, will be the last day for broadcasting. So, look for a new online broadcast from Gloryland Gospel beginning February 1, 2016.  For more about LIVE365 closure click here.



January 2, 2016


Once again, the All Gospel Quartet Christmas broadcast was well received by listeners all over the world. We look forward to airing the ALL Gospel Quartet Music Christmas broadcast again during the 2016 Christmas Season. So, if your group has a holiday song or plan to record one this year, send it to us for the next All Gospel Quartet Christmas Music Broadcast.

The Top 25 Gospel Quartet Christmas songs, as rated by the listeners from around the world, from the 2015 broadcast were:

1.  Christmas Miracle The Mighty Golden Bells


2.  Lord We Praise You Minister Win Thompkins

3.  This Christmas Darrell McFadden & The Discciples

4.  He Brought Joy (Christmas) Lady Betricce Ward & Angelic Voices

5.  12 Days Of Christmas Keith Wonderboy Johnson & The Spiritual Voices

6.  The Virgin Mary Had One Son The Staple Singers

7.  Love Is The Greatest Gift Of All The Evereadys

8.  It's That Time Of year Brothers & Sisters Featuring Elder Troy Jackson

9.  I'll Never 4get Christmas The William Singers

10.  Christmas Darrell McFadden & The Disciples

11.  Celebrate Jesus The New Joyful Sounds

12.  It's Almost Christmas Leon Henderson

13.  I Rather Be With You The New Joyful Sounds

14.  The Christmas Song The Temptations

15.  Saint's Christmas Ronnie R. Riles, Sr. Presents Family And Friends Praising God

16.  Jesus Is The Reason Tammy Edwards And The Edwards Singers

17.  Love Comes With Christmas The Temptations

18.  Show A Little Love Larnell Starkey & The Spiritual Seven Gospel Singers

19.  Happy Holiday Darrell McFadden & The Disciples

20.  The Time Of The Year Willie Rogers

21.  Born On Christmas Day The Alabama Gurlz

22.  It's Christmas Time Again Darrell McFadden & The Discciples

23.  Joy To The World The Staple Singers

24. YMOF Merry Christmas - Young Men Of Faith

25. Let's Go To Church On Christmas Day - Luther Barnes



January 1, 2016


January is the month for the American Gospel Quartet Convention. For traditional gospel music lovers, this is the Convention to attend. So, consider attending the Convention in Birmingham, Alabama, January 21 - 22, 2016.  The venue for the 25th Annual American Gospel Quartet Convention is Christ Temple Deliverance Church 2512 Ave. D, Birmingham, Al 35218.



January 1, 2016


We thank God for allowing us to see this New Year - 2016. And, it is our continued prayer that it is a blessed year for all.

Two Thousand Fifteen (2015) was another year of 'ups and downs' in this genre. The good news is that, once again,  there were more 'ups" than 'downs.' 


Many saints transitioned into eternal rest last year.  See the video at Gloryland Gospel Blog  or click We Remember.

There were many concerts featuring gospel quartet singers during 2015.  And, there were countless anniversaries, banquets, and gathering featuring local, regional, and national gospel quartet singers.

Many gospel quartet groups released new CDs, and in some instances DVDs, last year.  And, the  major labels, small labels and independents ensured that there was a continuous supply of new gospel quartet music throughout the year.

Overall, 2015 was a good year for gospel quartet music. And, we look for greater and better things to come from this genre during 2016.



January 1, 2016




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