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For the month of April, we take a look at a group that first came to our attention in 2005.  At that time, we introduced you to their new CD and Video.  The group is none other than The Mighty Aires of Wilmington, Delaware.


The 2005 CD and Video were titled Breakthrough. Since that time we have followed this group’s elevation in the gospel music industry.  So, it certainly was exciting to learn that they were recording a LIVE video containing many new songs.


Now the group has released their new CD and DVD titled Heaven. It is an outstanding project.

There is so much music on the new project that it had to be divided into two DVD.  The entire concert was about two (2) hours in length.

The actual recording of the project took place on July 27, 2007, at The Cathedral of Fresh Fire, 2300 Northeast Boulevard, Wilmington, Delaware. As is of the case with many independent projects, it was a year or more before it actually was release.

The primary concert provided twelve (12) songs for the DVD.  In addition, there are two bonus tracks, "Breakthrough" and "Turn It Over."  Four members of the group are given the opportunity to sing lead.  Bonita "Neet" Finney sings lead on “Good To Me.”  She shares lead duties with Chuck Finney on “Free.”  And Mrs. Rosetta "Mom" Finney sings lead on “Supreme Sacrifice” and “Blessings Keep Coming


Deacon Sylvester "Pop" Finney sings lead on “Give Me A Heart,” "Grateful,” and “Testimony.”  While Chuck Finney sings lead on “He Kept Me,” “Heaven,” “Thank You Lord” and “Still Here.”  Curtis Clack, one of the guitar player, steps up and shares lead duties with other members of the group during "The Cross Medley."  


Once again, The Mighty Aires put a lot of energy into every song.  As you view this video, It is easy to feel that you are a part of the audience. 


The location for the recording was a good choice.  The stage was large and the group used every portion of the stage.  And, the backdrop to the stage does not interfere with the viewer focusing on the group. 


The quality of the sound is good.  The camera shots of the stage are great.  There are great close-ups of the members of the group.  There are only shadow shots of the audience.  Overall, however, the lighting is good throughout the video.  And, it appears that the group was really enjoying ministering in song.  Therefore, the energy they bring to the stage will have you focusing on the group and not the audience.  


There are no interviews on this video.  You get almost 120 minutes of nothing but pure, refreshing, traditional quartet gospel singing. 


With the new DVD, The Mighty Aires confirm our belief that the group is ready for primetime.  You will certainly want to have this video in your collection.  We give "Heaven" by The Mighty Aires a solid 9 out of 10.  To purchase your copy of the video contact The Mighty Aires at 302-764-4347.  Click on the picture above to view a clip from the video.*** 












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