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The Cork Singers

Grace Brought Me Through



In 2007, The Cork Singers, of Greenville, Mississippi, released the CD Still Praising God.  One of the most popular songs on the CD is "Grace Brought Me Through."  The group has put together an extraordinary concept video centered around this song.  The theme of the song is that of God’s Grace bringing you through any situation.

Before taking a closer look at the video, let’s answer the question – who are
The Cork Singers?  This traditional gospel quartet group started in the 60s as The Cork Family Singers.  The organizer of the group was Elder C. B. Cork.  The orignal members of the group were Elder Cork and his daughters.  His daughter, Minnie McKinnis, is the mother of the current lead singer, Earl Mckinnis.

Elder Cork passed away in the early 80's.  Thereafter, the group split into
The Cork Sisters, which were Elder Corks' daughters, and The Cork Singers who were the grandchildren of Elder Cork.  The next generation of Cork Singers gave birth to The Cork Juniors.  Subsequently, the groups merged and they are now known as The Cork Singers

The current members of the group are Earl McKinnis (lead vocal), John Lee (lead vocal), Jonas Ross and Ricky Clemons (vocal).  The band members are Linwood Nixon (lead guitar), James Lott (bass guitar), Steve Shaw (rhythm guitar), Jonas Ross (organ/piano), Rhamarcus Lee (keyboard) and Ramirez Lee (percussionist).  Since their inception, they have perfected their musical talents by performing in and round the state of Mississippi.  Having recently signed with the Low Rush Music label, the group is now being exposed to the nation.

The video was filmed in the group's hometown of Greenville, Mississippi by the levee.  A very soothing  scene was shot on the banks of Lake Ferguson in Greenville, Mississippi.  The street scenes were filmed on Nelson Street, Greenville, Mississippi, and on Broad Street in historic Leland, Mississippi.  in addition, portion of the video was filmed at Unity Missionary Baptist Church of Elizabeth, Mississippi. 

The participants are the members of the group, representative of local law enforcement and folks from the community.  They all put in an impressive performance.  As a result of their performance, it is easy to follow the message being delivered by the lyrics.

The production on this project is superb.  The video is very impressive.  In fact, the video adds a dimension to the song that truly makes you appreciate the message and the musical talents of this group.  You certainly will want to acquire the CD of the entire project.  But, don’t stop there, the DVD is a must have as well.

The quality of the sound on the video is great.  There are no variations in the recording level of the song.  The lighting is also superb.  Most of the recording took place on the outside.  As a result of good lighting, there are great camera shots.  There are many close-ups of the members of the group.

The video is almost twenty (20) minutes in length.  It is divided into three (3) parts.  The first is called “The Making of Grace Brought Me Through.”  In this section you are exposed to the rehearsals and the setup for the video.  The second part is the video itself.  The third part consists of interviews (and commentaries) by the members of the group.  Each section is about 6 minutes in length.


By the way, the comments by the members will also aid in your appreciate of theses guys’ musical ministry.  It is easy to see that they enjoy ministering to others in song.

The project is vintage traditional gospel quartet.  If you are looking for a good video that captures the essence of that ‘down home’ traditional gospel sound, or that of a great group that is on the rise, then you will want to add this video to your collection.

We give this concept video by
The Cork Singers a  9 out of 10.  To purchase your copy of the video contact Low Rush Music or The Cork Singers.  Click on the picture above to view a clip from the video.***













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***The quality of the clip IS NOT indicative of the quality of the video.  Often, resolution in the picture quality is lost during placement of the clip on the Internet.  In addition, the type of computer you are using to access the Internet and the video player you are using may drastically impact the quality of the clip. 










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