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Lee Williams & The Spiritual QC's



So Much To Be Thankful For



Lee Williams and The Spiritual QCís have delivered another outstanding video.  Having attended the actual recording of this project, we wonder if the DVD would represent what actually occurred at Temple of Deliverance on June 2, 2007.  Well, needless to say, it does.   

The video begins with a pictorial of the outside of the venue.  The group then announces that the recording is dedicated to the Late Bishop G. E. Patterson.  The next shot is that of the group already on stage ready to sing.

The recording, as with all of the groupís live recordings, took place at The Temple of Deliverance, Memphis, Tennessee.  The backdrop of the Temple of Deliverance, once again, makes for the perfect setting for this recording.  The stage is certainly large enough for the singers and the musicians.  There is no one standing around the stage.  Therefore, you are able to focus on the singers and not be distracted by any unnecessary activity on or around the stage.  The audience is a significant part of the recording.  Many in the audience were on their feet the entire recording.  The camera shots allow you to get close up and personal with some of the attendees.

There are 11 songs on the video.  The songs are not in the same order as on the CD.  On the video they are - "So Much Trouble," "Have Your Way," "Oh I Want To See Him," "In My New Home," "Jesus Is Waiting," "He Laid His Hands On Me," "So Much To Be Thankful For," "Come See About Me," "For Me," "Thank You For Blessing Me," and "I Found Everything."


The guys really minister to you with this project.  As you look at the video you can feel, and see, how the members of the group are touch by the various songs.  You get to experience Patrick, Leonard, Al, and the other musicians rejoicing with a shout.  You also see the emotions pouring out of Lee as he stands and just let the Holy Spirit use him.  Powerful.  This is in deed a very powerful recording.  Many should be blessed by this project.     

The lighting is great.  There are many close-ups of the members of the group and musicians.  The quality of the sound is outstanding. There are no highs or lows in the sound quality.  The recording level is consistent throughout the video.

The project is vintage
Spiritual QCís.  If you are looking for a good video that captures the essence of Lee Williams and The Spiritual QCís, you will want to add this video to your collection.

Overall this is a great video. Unfortunately, you will not find any interviews on this video.  It would have been great to have some of the history of the group on the video. Although, most current fans of this groupís music know their history, for those of the next generation and those to come that will pick up this video, it would have been great to have at least some aspect of the groupís history. For the gospel music history buff, a brief interview with all of the group members would have been a plus.

It should be noted that George Dean is one of the producers of this recording.  Mr. Dean, of
The Gospel Four, has been instrumental in all of the Spiritual QCís recordings.  And, he brought to this project the same creativity and musical genius that he incorporated into all of the prior QCís recordings.

In spite of the lack of the interviews, we still like this video. We give the video
Lee Williams and The Spiritual QCís "So Much To Be Thankful For" a 9.5 out of 10.  Click HERE to order the DVD.




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So Much To Be Thankful For

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