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The Jackson Southernaires






This month we take a look at another video by a Legendary gospel group The Jackson SouthernairesLIVE & ANOINTED was probably the last video, if not recording, that the late Frank Williams made with The Jackson Southernaires.  The Legendary Frank Williams died on March 22, 1993.  The LIVE & ANOINTED project was released on May 29, 1992. 

The Jackson Southernaires are already on stage when the video begins.  They move from song to song with the level of professionalism you would expect.  The stage is certainly large enough for the singers and the musicians.  There is no one hanging around the stage.  Therefore, you are able to focus on the singers and not be distracted by any unnecessary activity on the stage.

The concert was recorded at the Jackson Municipal Auditorium, Jackson, Mississippi.  This venue is perfect for this live recording. Many other groups have recorded at this venue.

This is a power packed video.  There are so many cherished nuggets found throughout the video.  To actually be able to see Frank Williams singing Thank You For My Mansion is reason enough to find this video.  By the way,
The Mississippi Mass Choir joins the group and provides superb background vocals on this song.  The Choir also provides background vocals on Heavy Load, He Looked Beyond My Faults, and I'll Be All Right.

To be able to see Rev. Roger Bryant sing "No Coward Soldier" is another one of those nuggets.  You may find yourself reaching for the handkerchief when Huey and Frank share lead duties on He Will Make A Way.

The Jackson Southernaires did twelve songs during this service. The other songs on this project are What's Wrong With People Today, The Old Ship Of Zion, It's Hard To Stumble (When You're On Your Knees), Lord, We Need Your Blessings, Power, and Walk Around Heaven (With The Lord).

You will also appreciate the lighting.  Yes, there are times when you might not be able to recognize members of the audience. However, at no time is there a diminishment of the lighting on the stage.

The quality of the sound is superb. No highs and lows. The recording level is consistent throughout the video.

There are no interviews with members of the group on this video. But, you get over an hour of nothing but pure traditional gospel quartet singing.

Overall this is an outstanding video.  We do recommend that you add this video in your collection.  This is one video that is sure to become a collector's item.  It may already be hard to find.  We give the video The Jackson Southernaires' "LIVE & ANOINTED" a 10 out of 10.  To purchase your copy of the video click here













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