Beverly Hines


Let me tell you about what happened to me the first time I heard the music of Lee Williams and The Spiritual QCs. I had been saved for about a year. Before becoming saved, I was a great fan of R&B music and attended quite a lot of concerts. I had a friend to invite me to go with her to this great concert that was going to be held in Wilson, NC. I agreed to go and I thought it was just going to be a typical singing like I was used to. Imagine my surprise when we arrived and I found that there were about 6 buses in the parking lot and cars filling all the parking spaces. We had to park about a mile away.


When we entered the building after standing in line for about twenty minutes, I could feel the excitement. I just knew I was going to have an interesting time. We found a great seat in the bleachers and I was able to see the stage perfectly. The year was 2004. I remember Rev. Curtis Watson coming on stage and talking about his CD. The MC announced the surprise group and it was Totally Committed out of Marion, SC. They were good. The Jackson Southerners, The Williams Brothers, Doc McKenzie and the Hi-Lites, and Lee Williams and the Spiritual QCs were the major groups that I remember on the program. Everyone left a powerful impression on me but it seemed that when Lee and the QCs hit the stage, the place was ignited with a powerful anointing. You could just feel the atmosphere changing.


I witnessed the entire building come alive. Everyone was on their feet when Lee started singing Good Time. I immediately noticed that Lee did not move much but just stood still and sang hard. The crowd seemed to really enjoy what he was doing. I will never forget this man that made his way to the front of the stage and he moved and danced to every song that Lee sang. If Lee said he went down on his knees, this man went down on his knees. If Lee said he turned to the left, the man did it. He had every move to every song that Lee sang and I remember thinking that this man has found something that motivates him in this song ministry. I witnessed people shouting and giving God the glory all during the night and it impacted my soul.


I will never forget this night because it was the first night that I witnessed the power of a gospel concert and how important it can be in the lives of so many. Some people may not make it to church but they may find their divine inspiration in a song. The songs are filled with messages to assist a person to finding their salvation. I decided that I wanted to be able to put together some concerts in the future. The first concert that I ever attended that featured Lee Williams and the QCs was my inspiration to become a gospel promoter. I have since promoted them twice and have had Doc McKenzie and the Hi-Lites on several occasions.


I am strong in my conviction that music can make a change in a persons life. I have since attended many concerts and I know the number is over 100 now. I have promoted at least a dozen and I know that this calling is my ministry. I am not in this to make a ton of money but to help spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. I want to provide a platform for the artist to have a chance to deliver what the Lord has given them. I have Lee Williams and the Spiritual QC,s and that first gospel concert to thank for that.








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