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The Williams Singers

Hav'n Church

For the first month of the year we review The Williams SingersHav’n Church.  This is the sophomore project for this very talented group. 


The group was organized by the late Rev. Charles D. Williams.  The members are in fact the sons of Rev. Williams.  The brothers are Darnell Williams, Dezmien Williams and Dexrale Williams.  This live recording took place at Bethesda Baptist Church, Indianapolis, Indiana in 2004.  Although it was recorded in 2004, the project is just beginning to garner the attention it rightfully deserves. 


The project beings with the mid-tempo title track – “Fell Like Hav’n Church.”  This track actually set the pace and directions for the remainder of the project.  In that, you realize that the Williams Singers take the worship service higher and higher with each track.  They in fact are ‘hav’n church’ throughout the project.


The next track is “Anyhow.”  The brothers’ vocal range and ability to harmonized are aptly displayed on this track.  In addition, it is a very solid traditional song that really incorporates the lyrics from several well known songs.


One of the best tracks on the “God’s Love (brought me through).”  The words to this song are very powerful.  The song’s arrangement will have you thinking of Lee Williams and The Spiritual QC’s.   And that is okay, because The Williams Singers are not trying to sound like The Spiritual QC’s.  It just so happen that this perfect arrangement for this song is rooted in the Spiritual QC’s style. 


The pace picks up a little with “Give It Up.”   The song simply reminds all to give up the praise to Jesus.  If you got a praise, why not ‘give it up.’   Radio personalities will probably like this song since it is close to being a drive song.  However, true quartet fans will like the solid rhythm to the song.


“Not A Friend” and “Can’t Live Without You” are the next two tracks.  “Can’t Live Without You” borders on the contemporary style.  At the same time, it has a message that Christians need to hear.  It is just that after listening to the first five (5) tracks it will be hard to get into the message of this song the first time you listen to it.  But, don’t give up on the song.  It is also one of the best songs on the project.  Because of the extremely slow tempo, it will probably not get any airplay.  However, it should become one of the songs you play over and over.  It really ministers to you.


The tempo picks back up with “This Joy” and the reprise to “This Joy.”  Next, the brothers really get you into a toe tapping, hand clapping mood with “Work.”   This is definitely a drive song.  The only disappointment to the song is that it is less than 4 minutes long.  In spite of the length, it is another song that you will find yourself playing over and over.


The final track is “Still Standing There.”  What a fitting benediction.  Like “Can’t Live Without You,” this song really ministers to you. 


Along with being great singers, the brothers are also accomplished writers and arrangers.  Dezmien wrote and arranged “Feel Like Hav’n Church,” “Not A Friend,” and “Can’t Live Without You.”  Darnell and Dazrale wrote and arranged  “Anyhow,” and “This Joy.”  While, Darnell wrote and arranged “God’s Love (brought me through),” “Give It Up,” “Work,” and “Still Standing There.”


We really liked this project.  We understand that a video of the live recording will soon be release.  To be able to see The Williams Singers perform the songs will only further solidify the group’s fan base.


We give The Williams Singers’ “Hav’n Church”  an 8.5 out of 10.  You can obtain a copy by contacting The Williams Singers’ distribution company and label – The Deznell Music Group, Inc.  Their website is  Click on the title to hear “Hav’n Church.”   



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