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There is a lot of excitement in the air about the new CD by the late Tommy Ellison’s former group.  Thus, this month we take a look at Sail On Superstar by The Legendary Singing Stars.

When the Superstar of Gospel Music, Tommy Ellison, died the core musical foundation of his group remained in place. So, with Dennis Bowers, Big O and Sam Williams serving as anchors, the guys were able to continue to deliver great gospel music containing the signature style of
Tommy Ellison and The Singing Stars. One of the first orders of business was to change the name. Sam and the guys did not venture to far from the original name. And, having become legends in gospel music it was an easy, but yet emotional, leap to remove “Tommy Ellison” and just add “Legendary” to the Singing Stars.

Now just as the guys were once again rising in popularity with a demanding tour schedule, the rhythm guitar player Dennis Bowers died. Bowers death certainly challenged the remaining members. But, Big O and Sam were committed to continuing the legacy of the group’s founder. Thus they regrouped, added a young talented musician by the name of Justin Mickens, brought back Billie Hardie, and moved the son of Dennis Bowers, Da’Quan Bowers, into the lineup. Other members of the group are Antrun “Tron” Sherrills and Raynard Ladson.

Now, Da’Quan is a very talented guitarist. In fact, to many, he sounds just like his father did on the guitar. His mannerism on stage will certainly remind the group fans of the late Dennis Bowers. With the addition of Da’Quan the group has retained their signature sound and style.

Many quartet gospel groups have tried to carry on after the death of their leader.  Most have found it very difficult to do so.  This group has been able to move on after losing their leader and one of their lead guitar player.


The Legendary Singing Stars called upon the Producer talents of Spanky Williams and have delivered an outstanding gospel music CD.  The new CD is fittingly titled Sail On Superstar. The project is in deed a tribute to The Superstar and to Dennis Bowers. In fact, the title track was written by Dennis Bowers.  His son, Da’Quan, introduces the song on the CD as a tribute to his father as well as to the late Tommy Ellison.

The CD begins with "Smile On Me."  Billie Hardie and the guys really bring a fresh feel to this song. "Jesus Is Walking With Me" is the first song that introduces Justin Mickens as song writer. Justin has been around gospel music all of his young life. His family group is
Rev. Mathew Mickens & The New Highway Travelers. You may remember that Justin penned and sung “Time Is Short” for The New Highway Travelers.

There is a 2011 version of "Sailing" on the CD, simply titled "Sailing 2011."  If you remember the group’s version of this song from the live recording, then you will really like the intro to "Sailing 2011."  The group had the foresight to add the vocals of the late Tommy Ellison calling on the members of the group asking do they “wont a sail?”  Then, Billie takes over and really ‘works’ the song.  In this updated version, Billie calls upon each member of the group.  This one will certainly be a part of the group’s concerts. They will not be able to leave the stage without driving fans to another level with "Sailing 2011."

"Glory Hallelujah" features Justin on lead vocals. With the encouragement of Big O and Billie in the background, Justin shows that he belongs with
The Legendary Signing Stars. This is followed by the one of the ballads on the project – "Calvary."  Billie takes you back to his early days with the original group on this one.

"Feeling Good" is the next track. And, it will have (and leave you) feeling good.  For a group that is know more for their musicians than background singers, "Feeling Good" showcases their ability to harmonize. Billie feeds off the background harmony and take the listener to church on this song. This one will have you hitting the replay button.

"Free At Last" is another ballad on the project. Billie almost turns the song into a sermonette. His frequent reflections on Tommy and Dennis through the song make it a perfect addition to this project.

"Keep On Marching" draws upon the experiences of the Civil Rights Movement.  Look for this song to become a staple on broadcasts during Black History Month. Note however, it is appropriate for what is happening in the world today.  Simply put, “keep on marching, don’t turn around.”

Next on the project is "Singing Stars Medley."  Billie calls on Justin and they take a trip down memory land with "I’m Not The Same Person," "I’m Guilty Of Loving God," "I Wont To Be Loved," "Since I Met Jesus (My Whole Life Has Changed)," "Things I Used To Do," and "Love, Peace and Happiness."  At times during the Medley, Justin sounds just like Tommy Ellison. However, you immediately get the impression that he’s not trying to sound like The Superstar.  Justin is just a gifted singer and musician.

"Prayer" is the final ballad.  Billie previously recorded this song. Once again, the group gives a very fresh feel to a previously recorded song.  This song also showcases the background harmony of the group. Listen closely and you will hear Spanky Williams in the background.

The shortest song on the CD is "Somewhere To Lay My Head."  At two (2) minutes and 27 seconds, it is just to short for the musicians. As soon as the guys get into the drive portion of the song it ends. But, we still like this updated version of this ever popular song.  One reason for the shortness to the song is that it serves as an intro to the last song on the project - "Holy Ghost."  As expected, the fellows work "Holy Ghost."  For ten (10) minutes and fourteen (14) seconds, Sam, Big O, Da’Quan, Justin, Antrun, and Raynard perform a gospel quartet drive symphony.

Overall this is an outstanding project by
The Legendary Singing Stars.  You should be able to find this CD in your local record store and online.  We give
The Legendary Singing StarsSail On Superstar a 9.5 out of 10.  Click HERE to purchase the CD online.  Click on the title to hear "Feel Good.






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