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The Leaning Tree

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This month we take a look at the recent release by Win Thompkins & The Stompers titled The Leaning Tree.

Win Thompkins & The Stompers are a family group based in South Florida. Although the new CD represents the group’s first signing with a major label, it is not their only project. They have been singing for many years and have released eight CDs and a DVD.

The group initially released The Leaning Tree as an independent project in 2009.  The project was picked up in 2010 by Humility Music Group and MCG Records.

The CD consists of music that will certainly remind the listener of yesteryears. There is music with a Southern Gospel style. There is certainly a Country Music feel to some of the songs. And, there is the down-home traditional gospel quartet flavor. As you listen to the CD, you may find yourself thinking about quartet gospel groups from the golden era of gospel music.

There are only six (6) songs on the CD. However, the entire length of the CD is over 40 minutes.

The first song on the CD is "What’s In Your Hand."  This song draws from the story of Moses possessing a rod. The Stompers remind us that in many instances God has already given us what we need to deal with our situation. For those that have not hear do this group, What’s In Your Hand will immediately establish for the listener that this is a solid gospel quartet group.

The second song is "Shakin Going On."  There is an interesting arrangement with a feel of vibrations throughout the song.  To some extent, the song borders on having a country music feel.  It displays the versatility of the lead singer.  It shows that the group would be able to minister to any audience, no matter what their gospel music taste.

The third song is "Dressing Room."  Now, with this one, you will hear resemblances to the late Rev. Howard “Slim” Hunt.  Serious fans of gospel quartet music know that Slim and a way of taking everyday praises (like Shame On You, I Can't Stay Here, and Fill My Cup) and turning them into hit songs. Well, "Dressing Room" falls into that category.  The song reminds us that daily we are preparing for that everlasting life.

The fourth song is "The Leaning Tree."  This one is nothing but pure traditional gospel quartet at its best. The message is one to which everyone can relate and that is - young people die just as often as the older generation. 
The Stompers vocalizes clearly a picture of a tree leaning that is yet still standing.  The listener will not be able to miss the message being delivered.  What a powerful story.  This song should be in heavy rotation on every gospel music station.

The fifth song is "The Lord’s Glory."  This song showcases the storytelling ability of Win Tompkins.  Not a long story, but one that you will quickly grasp. Any song that begins with an Old Lady telling the saints “you don’t know how blessed I am” is sure to get the listener’s attention.

The sixth song is actually a "Medley." The "Medley" encompasses 15 songs. Yes, 15 songs. The "Medley" is over 15 minutes in length. If the project was an LP (33-1/3), the "Medley" would be the entire side Two. To hear Win and the guys weave their way through 15 songs is worth the price of the CD.

Mr. Glenn Stevenson has found another winner with Win Thompkins & The Stompers. Minister Win is an outstanding and versatile lead singer. And, the Stompers are some of the best background singers in gospel music.

We give Win Thompkins & The Stompers' The Leaning Tree an 8.5 out of 10.  Click on the title to hear “The Leaning Tree." Click here to purchase the CD.






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