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It is fitting that as we celebrate Black Music Month, we take a look at the newest project fro m one of the Legends in gospel music - Spencer Taylor. The Legend is back with a fantastic CD tilted Work A Miracle.

This is one of the first actual releases on MALACO’s 4 Winds Records’ label. D. A. Johnson and Darrell Luster together are building a catalogue of good gospel music with 4 Winds Records. What a way to ‘anchor’ the new label than with a new recording by
Spencer Taylor & The Highway QC’s.

There are some great songs on this eleven (11) track project. The Legend masterfully moves from song to song with the ease one would expect. No disappointment here. Rev. R. L. Bush is featured as lead singer on the song “Calvary.” What a fitting song for all times, but particularly during the Easter Season.

Radio Angels will probably gravitate towards "Since Jesus Came Into My Heart." And, why not? The song embodies everything you would expect from a group that handles ballads like none other. The exchanges between the lead singers are powerful.

Other songs on the project are -

"Work A Miracle (Do What You Do Best)" - The Legend shows that he can still deliver a song with a powerful message. The song could be considered a prayer. For, in the song, the group is asking God for the miracle that relates to the situation the listener may be confronting. The background also shows that the group has not lost its ability to deliver smooth tight harmony.

"My Life Has Been Changed" - As well as being a legend in gospel music, Spencer Taylor is also a great balladeer. This song does two things - 1) it reminds the listener what happened when they accepted Christ in their life. And, 2) that nobody could deliver that message of this ballad like Mr. Spencer Taylor. The song is almost 6 minutes in length. However, it still seems that it ended too soon.

"He Will Take Care Of You" - No one in the quartet gospel genre today handles ballads as masterfully as the Legend. He Will Take Care Of You will certainly have the listener reminiscing about some of the Highway QC’s great ballads from years ago. In addition, the words to the song convey a strong affirmation that God will take care of us.

"I Made It Over" – The legend delivers another remarkable performance with this ballad. You will appreciate the background harmony. More importantly, the message is one that all saints desire to be able to sing – “no mater what life threw my way, I Made It Over.”

"It's Me It's Me (Standing In The Need Of Prayer)" – Is another familiar song that the group has made its own. This slow thought provoking ballad is a great song to mediate on while reflecting on all that you have gone through in life. It reminds you that we are always in need of prayer.

"Too Close" - Listen as guys put their unique vocals and arrangement to this very popular song. Listen to the emotions in the Legend’s voice. The background harmony really compliments the lead singer on this track.

"Safety Zone" - This is one of those songs in gospel music that will never grow old. The QC's have given it a 'freshness' that just enhances your appreciation for the song. This song also showcases the tight harmony of the background singers.

"Empty Me Of Self" - This song will surely minister to you. It is a very powerful song asking God to create in us a clean heart. This one may have you shedding tears. Be prepared to find yourself humming this one as you go through your daily activities. The song is everything you would expect from The QC’s.

"Don't Be Hating" - The song speaks of individuals being jealous of the blessings showered upon others. In other words, don’t be hating me because God is blessing me. What an appropriate song to end a project titled Work A Miracle.

The project was produced by Darrell Luster of
The Sensational Nightingales and co-produced by Spencer Taylor, III. You expect a great project whenever Mr. Luster is involved in the recording. And, on this one, the production is outstanding.

Work A Miracle is a powerful CD, with a message in each song for the sincere believer as well as those that may just be beginning their Christian journey.

We give Spencer Taylor & The Highway QC's Work A Miracle a 9 out of 10. Click on the title to hear “Since Jesus Came Into My Heart." To purchase the CD click
Work A Miracle.



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