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This month we look at the new CD by a group from Duncan, Alabama – Blest By Four. This is an outstanding group and their new CD, Just Like Fire, is an extraordinary live recording.

The members of the group are Demetrius “Dodie” Smith, Felicia “Pooh” Smith-Polion, Terrence “Beauty” Smith Sr., and Marcus Smith. They are siblings who were raised in the church and began signing as toddlers. They were anointed from their youth, to be what they are today – powerful and effective ministers of the Gospel through the use of their vocal and musical gifts. The band members of the group are Tremayne Smith-Keyboard, Edwin Williams-Bass, Rev. Dennis Mitchell-Guitar, Anthony Moore-Percussion.

This project, as was their previous CD – Pressing On, was co-produced by Glenn Stevenson. Gospel music aficionados proclaimed their Humility Music Group debut CD Pressing On as one of the surprise of the past decade. This new project, Just Like Fire, is likely to elevate this group to their rightful place as one of the true “up and coming” groups in the quartet gospel genre.  And, is should be noted that the project is the result of a joint venture between Humility Music Group and MCG Records.

From the opening bars of the first selection the listener is treated to a lead singer that has developed into a great singer. Demetrius Smith showed on the Pressing On CD that he was ready to lead this group into prime time. Now, with Just Like Fire, he delivers for the group and their fans. His ability to sing ballads is matched only by his capacity to move the congregation with upbeat songs.

The project opens with "Keep On Using Me."  The song takes advantage of some familiar lyrics like “willing to run on” and “draw me nearer to thee” to request of the Lord that He “Keep On Using Me.” The group moves flawlessly through this upbeat song. Die hard quartet gospel fans will really like the runs.

The longest song on the project is the ballad, "The Lord Is Blessing Me."  The background harmony is smooth and very tight. In fact, this is another song that confirms our belief that this group is ready to take on the world and deliver good gospel music to every corner of the globe.

There are really no weak songs on this project. There are some that have familiar arrangements like “Mama Song” will remind the listener of an upbeat version of “Learning To Lean” by
The Evereadys. And, the ballad “I’ve Got His Word” will remind you of Spencer Taylor and those Graham Brothers of The Pilgrim Jubilees.

While moving through this project you will notice the awesome re-arrangement of
The Violinaires hit 1967 selection "He Touched Me."  Demetrius handles the lead vocals as if he was preaching to the congregation.  But, what is most remarkable about the song is the background harmony. There is only one word to describe it and that is WOW!

Felicia Smith-Polion sings lead on "Message To Jesus."  Other songs of note include “Just Like Fire," “A Friend of Mine,” and “It’s In The Praise.” Now, the danger in pointing to any of the songs as “songs of note,” is that it may cause you to skip over the others – don’t. Every song on this CD deserves your attention and they all will, in some way, minister to you.

This much anticipated sophomore project by Blest By Four is on the whole a great recording.  This project is available everywhere so run down to your local record store to purchase it or click Just Like Fire to purchase online.

We give Blest By Four's Just Like Fire a 10 out of 10.  Click on the title to hear “Trouble Will Be Over."






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