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God Will See You Through


If there is any doubt that gospel quartet music is thriving among the younger generation just listen to projects from Marla Carswell (Good News), Candice Thomas (Deep Within), The Gospel Legends (Transition), or Lee Walker and Spirit (Get Right or Get Left).  In recognition of the contribution that these and other young artists are making to this genre, for the month of August we review the new CD by Precious Melton titled God Will See You Through.

Before looking at the music, let’s spotlight the artist. 
Precious is a Middle School Student.  She is an honor student.  She is a member of her school’s choir.  She is also a member of her school district’s Middle School Honor’s Chorus.  And, she is very active in improving her community.  She is a songwriter. Five of the 10 songs on the new CD were written by Precious.  She is, even at her tender age, an accomplished vocalist.  This is her sophomore project.  Her first CD, released in 2006, was titled Perfected Praise.

The new CD, like her first, was produced by
Eric Shaper of Dream Reality Productions.  Eric was the keyboard player and arranger for The Christianaires.  Therefore, it is no surprise that the CD is full of good gospel quartet music delivered with the skills and finesse of a young person.

The songs on this CD are “Jesus,” “Is My Worship Enough,” “God Will See You Through,” “Hallelujah,” “His Sweet Name,” “Trust God,” “Still I Praise Him,” “You’ll Get The Best Of Me,” “Let’s Talk About It,” and “Do You Love Him.”

From the first selection to the last, the listener is treated to good gospel singing.  On the whole this project has a very smooth sound that makes use of the latest and best recording techniques.  It is difficult to single out any one song.  They all have two (2) things in common; 1) a solid biblical message that is needed today; and 2) great arrangement.  You should, however, be prepared to press the repeat button on your CD player as you listen to “His Sweet Name,” which is one of the songs written by

Though the overall tone of the project is definitely traditional one can only expect a young person to branch out on a couple of selections.  And, we would be remiss in this review if we did not acknowledge the slight slant towards contemporary of two songs, “Is My Worship Enough” and “Trust God.”  This break from solid tradition on these two tracks only enhances our assessment that
Precious is an accomplished vocalist.  And, although the songs are not strictly traditional gospel they are nevertheless very powerful selections with very poignant words that speak to the soul.

Finally, if
Precious Melton and the other artists mentioned above are indicative of what the future holds for Gospel Quartet Music, then the torch will certainly be passed on to good stewards.  Gospel quartet fans have an up and coming generation of singers that are ready to take this genre to another level.

This new release from Precious Melton is definitely a good collection of songs that is fit for any gospel taste. We give God Will See You Through an 8.5 out of 10. To purchase this CD click "here."  Click on the title to hear a clip from “Still I Praise Him.”

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