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The Barnes Family



Reunion II





In 1999, The Barnes Family of Rocky Mount, North Carolina, gave us a two (2) CD recording titled A Live Reunion.  The concert recording took place at the OJC auditorium, Rocky Mount, North Carolina.  That project consisted of 25 songs.  It was a great project and could easily have been titled ‘the best of the best from The Barnes Family.’  Participating in that recording were Rev. F. C. Barnes & Company, Deborah Barnes, Luther Barnes & The Sunset Jubilaries, and The Red Budd Gospel Choir.

Well, the same lineup is back with
The Barnes Family Reunion II.  This recording took place at the Red Budd Holy Church in Rocky Mount, North Carolina.  Rev. F. C. Barnes is the Senior Pastor of the Church.  Like A Live Reunion, Reunion II also consists of two (2) CDs.

This is a power packed recording.  From the first song to the finale, this is a song service that is sure to move you.  The singers are showcased in a way that allows you to enjoy the message that is being conveyed by each song.  For instance, only two of the songs are less than 4 minutes – “Reign In Jerusalem” and “I Owe God Praise.”  So, with many of the songs, the you get a testimony, words of encouragement, and just great acknowledgement, along with outstanding vocals.  This allows you to gain a deeper appreciation for the songs.  It also provides some insight into the message the singer desires to convey with the song. 


Also, the musicians are at their best.  This is one CD gives you the feel of an orchestra playing behind the singers. The band does not overshadow any of the singers.  They do, however, immensely contribute to the overall quality of this CD.  And, don’t be surprise if you think you are hearing strings, horns and other instruments that you may not expect to find on a traditional gospel music CD.

Reunion II consists of eighteen (18) songs.  On the disk one you will find – “Lord We Love You,” “Old Ship of Zion,” “Carry Me To That Other Shore,” “Worship Medley,” “So Good To Be Here,” “No Matter How High I Get,” “The Lord is My Light,” “Abide In Me,” and “I Owe God Praise.”  The songs on disk two are “He'll Do Just What He Said,” “Reign In Jerusalem,” “Mamma's Song,” “You Keep On Blessing Me,” “I'll Make It Someday,” “It's Your Time,” “Old Revival Medley,” “I'm Still Holding On,” “Father, I Stretch My Hands To Thee

If you are familiar with the recordings of any member of this musical family, you know that Reunion II is a compilation of some of their greatest recordings before and after the A Live Reunion project.  Yet, you will not find any song on  from A Live Reunion
on Reunion II.

What you will find is good down home singing.  With this project you get a good mixture of gospel quartet music and songs by the choir that are rooted in that traditional gospel quartet style.  Also, with these CDs, you are truly drawn into the song services.  One of the distinguishing features of a great LIVE recording is when you can listen to the CD and feel that you are a part of the congregation.  Well, expect that feeling to exist with this recording.

By the way, it is noteworthy that the well known members of The Barnes Family shared lead duties with others.  For instance, Bonita Green (Worship Medley), Melvin & Martha Barnes (Abide In Me), and Wonda Morgan (I Owe God A Praise).

This is a very good project by
The Barnes Family.  You should be able to find this CD in your local record store.  We give The Barnes Family’s Family Reunion II a 9 out of 10.  Click HERE to purchase the CD online.  Click on the title to hear "
He'll Do Just What He Said.






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