Rev. Thomas J. Spann


The Brooklyn Allstars



LIVE!  In Atlanta!

At The Emmanuel Tabernacle Baptist Church



Mention the name Rev. Tommy Spann and immediately you think of The Brooklyn Allstars. You also think of one of the greatest bass singer in, not just gospel music, but in any genre of music. Rev. Spann, along with Mickey Martin, drummer and vocalist, are the only remaining member original member of this Legendary group.

According to Meltone Revue “Reverend Thomas J. Spann organized the Brooklyn Allstars in 1951 and still leads them today as one of the most revered and respected bass singers and group leaders in Gospel Music. They first recorded for Houston-based Peacock Records from 1951 to 1958 and subsequently recorded for both Nashboro Records of Nashville from 1958 to 1972 and Jewel/Paula Records of Shreveport from 1972 until the early 1990's. Their hit recordings such as I Got My Ticket, Such A Careless Soul, No Cross No Crown, Banks Of Jordan and Did You Stop To Pray have become Gospel standards. Their . . . album, Steal Away, was released in April 2003 by Nu-Sound Entertainment and is receiving radio play at Gospel stations across America.”

This group has had some of the greatest vocalists and musicians ever assemble to sing praises to our Lord and Savior. Who can forget Hardie Clifton, who died in 1990, or Sam Thomas, who died in 1991.  "I stood On The Banks Of Jordan," with Hardie Clifton singing lead, is still today one of the most recognized songs in gospel music.

The Brooklyn Allstars new CD is LIVE! In Atlanta! At The Emmanuel Tabernacle Baptist Church. The CD is promoted as a celebration of The Brooklyn Allstars’ sixtieth (60th) Anniversary.  Therefore, you have twelve tracks that essentially represent the best of The Brooklyn Allstars. The members of the group for this recording were Rev. Spann, Joe Yawn, John Burwell, Rev. Earley Eugene Toon, William Martin, Mickey Martin, Garson Petttiford and Jimmy Fluellen. Joe Yawn sing the lead on songs that were previously recorded by the group with Hardie Clifton singing lead. Sadly, Mr. Yawn died not long after the recording of LIVE! In Atlanta! At The Emmanuel Tabernacle Baptist Church.

It is difficult to single out any specific song on this CD.  All of the songs selected for this project are worthy of your attention.  We would be remiss, however, if we did not draw your attention to the track titled "I’ll Rise Again." Rev. Spann sings lead on this song. His bass voice reverberates throughout this song as strongly as he sounded during the fifties and sixties. Rev. Spann is still able to send chills down your spin with the power of his extraordinary vocals.

The other songs on the CD are I stood On the Banks of Jordan, Same God, Steal Away, I Don’t Want To Be Lost, Swing Low Sweet Chariot, Let Me Lean On You, Don’t Forget The Family Prayer, I’ll Make Heaven My Home, You Were There Mother, Did You Stop To Pray, and Look Down.  Although there are only twelve tracks, you get over an hour of the best of
The Brooklyn Allstars.  They do not ‘rush’ any of the songs.  In other words, the group really took the time to minister to the audience with each song.  And, we do believe that this project will minister to you.  Be prepared to wipe the tears away when the group sings I Stood On The Banks of Jordan. This track is seven (7) minutes long and what a powerful seven minutes. Wow!

This was a live recording, but don’t expect to hear from the congregation.  And that is okay, because the anointing that is on this CD needed no help from the congregation.  You will not miss the lack of response from the audience.

By the way, this project is on the NuSound label. Melvin Couch owns and operates this label.  Mr. Couch is committed to preserving gospel quartet music.  So, look for other great projects to come from this label on some of the remaining legendary groups still singing.

You should be able to purchase this outstanding CD by clicking on  LIVE! In Atlanta.  We give Rev. Thomas J. Spann and The Brooklyn Allstars' LIVE! In Atlanta! At The Emmanuel Tabernacle Baptist Church a 9 out of 10.  This project is also available on DVD.  Click on the title to hear “Don't Forget The Family Prayer."






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