Rev. Andrew Cheairs and The Songbirds


Rev. Andrew Cheairs & The Songbirds


Rev. Andrew Cheairs & The Songbirds - I've Been There


"I've Been There"


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Serious music fans can relate to the fact that you get a different sound from an LP than from a CD.  The same is true for viewing a VHS tape verses today’s DVD.  While there is much to be said for the polished productions provided by the DVD.  There is also a rawness to VHS that really often enhances the recorded performance.  With that in mind, we decided to review the 2003 VHS of Rev. Andrew Cheairs and The Songbirds’ titled I’ve Been There.

The recording took place at Greater Love Church Ministries, Southaven, Mississippi.  The Church’s sanctuary was the perfect place for this rerecording.  The statuary was large enough for the crowd and yet small enough to give you that ‘full-house’ ambiance.  The stage was very large, so the group members had plenty of room to move to get their praise on.  In addition the size of the stage allows for the focus to be on the group and not the musicians.

The project begins with the
Songbirds singing “Coming Up Through The Years” and “No Not One.”  Rev. Cheairs join the ladies for the remainder of the recordings with “I’ve Been There,” “The World Can’t Do Me No Harm,” “Where Jesus Is,” “Let’s Praise Him,” “Just A Few Things,” “My God Is Calling,” “Wait,” “Good Ole Days,” “Tell Somebody,” “I’m Free,” and “He Rose.”  Guest artists on this project are Harvey Watkins, Jr., Randy Polk, Danny Lewis, Andrew Cheairs, Jr., Anthony Readers, and The St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church Choir.

Each song is rooted in the traditional gospel quartet style.  Therefore, with this video you get over an hour of good old fashion gospel quartet music.

The quality of the sound is great.  There are slight variations in the recording level to some of the songs.  However, considering that this is a VHS, the sound quality is probably the best offered during the time it was recorded.

The camera shots are very impressive.  There are really great close-ups of the members of the group.  There are also good shots of the audience just at the right time.  The audience is an integral part of the recording. The audience can be seen rejoicing, shouting, singing and just having a wonderful time as they are led in the services by the group.

Finally, there are interviews with group members interwoven throughout the video.  You learn a great deal about the group, their label and their commitment to ministering to God’s people.


The project is vintage traditional gospel quartet.  It is a video that should be in our collection.  We give the video Rev. Andrew Cheairs and The Songbirds' "I've Been There" an 8.5 out of 10.  This one may be hard to find.  To inquire about its availability contact the group at (662) 838-7791.








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