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Willis Pittman & The Burden Lifters

Live In Rocky Mt., N.C.!



Since this is Black History month, we decided to review the video of a group with longevity and much history in the arena of gospel music.  For the month of February we review Willis Pittman & The Burden Lifters Live in Rocky Mt., N.C.!.  There is no doubt that Willis Pittman & The Burden Lifters are a solid gospel quartet group.  Without even hearing a project by this group, you know it is going to be nothing but traditional gospel music.  That is one reason why a video of this group is one to be treasured.   

Live in Rocky Mt., N.C.! was released in 1997.   This was the group's first video concert.  It was recorded at the Ebenezer Baptist Church, Rocky Mount, NC, where Rev. Thomas L. Walker was the Pastor.  The church was the fitting setting for this historic recording.  The guys had plenty of room to move around and interact with the crowd.  And the crowd was an integral part of this recording.  The church was full to capacity.  People were even in the balcony.     

There is a great mixture of ballads, mid-tempo and what may be considered drive songs.  The songs are (not necessary in the order of performance) "Bless The People," "Ain't That Good News," "I Put It All In God's Hands," "Farewell, Goodbye," "I am Blessed," "Ask God In Faith," "The Lord Will Make A Way," "Amazing Grace, "It's You I Owe," "Resting Beyond The Sky," "I Didn't Come This Far," "(I'm So Glad) Jesus Saved Me," and "Thunder."

Willis Pittman, Norris Pittman and  Melvin Wilson shared lead duties throughout the video.  On several songs the group was backed up by Glory Baptist Vision Choir.  Everyone  was certainly rejoicing and having a grand time at the concert.  Members of the congregation did not hesitate to shout and join in with the guys in having a wonderful song service and making this a great video.


 The production on this project is good.  Particularly, when you realize how much video technology has changed and enhanced recording since 1997.    The video is just as impressive as the CD.  In fact, the video adds a dimension that you just will not get from the CD.  That alone makes this a must have project.


The energy displayed by the group may make it difficult for you to stay seated.  This seasoned group move from one song to another with the level of professionalism you would expect.  They are at their best. 

The stage was large and the group used every portion of the stage.  From the spacing of the microphones to the placement of the keyboards and drums, you know that a lot of forethought was put into the production of this live recording.


The quality of the sound is good.  There are no variations in the recording level to any of the songs.  The lighting was outstanding.  Because of good lighting you are able to really see (and feel) the enjoyment shared by the congregation as they joined Willis Pittman & The Burden Lifters in this song service.        

There are no interviews on this video. The project is vintage traditional gospel music.  If you are looking for a good video that captures the essence of good gospel quartet group singing great gospel music then you will want to add this video to your collection. You will find yourself watching this video over and over.

Overall this is a great independent video.  This video deserves to be in your collection.  We give the video Live In Rocky Mt., N.C.! by Willis Pittman & The Burden Lifters a 9 out of 10.   This is another gospel quartet video that will probably be very hard to find. 













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