Donald E. McDowell


Let me tell you about my experience at the last Lee Williams and the Spiritual QC’s concert I Attended


The last Lee Williams concert that I attended was in Norfolk, Virginia on April 17th, 2009. They were with the Canton Spirituals and a few other groups that were very good gospel groups. I can remember the anticipation that built up within me as the day got closer for the “Lee Williams concert” as we referred to it. I bought 4 tickets for the concert from a local record store. The other three were for friends, who are also Lee William’s fans. We went to Norfolk early enough to take in dinner at a local seafood restaurant that was right up the street from Booker T Washington High School where the concert was held. We still arrived there at the school early, because we wanted to be right down front when the concert started.


Well, we got more than we bargained for that day. Let me tell you what happened to us . . . Two of my friends and I (the other one hadn’t arrived yet) were inside the school browsing around and having flashbacks about when we were in school ourselves. Our ages ranged from around 44 to about 54. We soon ran into some vendors that had some really nice items on their tables for sale in the main hallway. While we were standing there talking and admiring some of the wonderful things such as cd’s, jewelry, t-shirts, air fresheners, stuffed animals, etc, Lee Williams walked up and greeted us. We looked around and couldn’t believe that it was him approaching us so casually. Wow, we must have looked really harmless for someone that didn’t know us to even consider joining our conversation. Well, joining our conversation is exactly what Lee Williams did, and what a good time we had talking about our experiences in life and in the military.


While we talked, there was very little conversation about Lee and what he did as a gospel artist, but instead as men, being concerned about our fellow man and women in the world. Our concern was mainly our young men. Lee had a very good opinion about what all young men should do with their lives. He said “All young men should serve in the military for at least one term.” We all agreed, because we had all been in the military and knew exactly what he meant. There is a sense of pride, responsibility, and respect for you country and others, that is instilled into service members that they carry that for the rest of their lives.


Meanwhile, the bands could be heard in the background doing their sound checks. I heard the spiritual QCs doing one of their very famous singles, which is one of my favorites, entitled “Good Time”. Well, I couldn’t help myself and I started singing the lyrics right there on the spot. Lee Williams started to pat his foot and bounce a little to the beat until I stopped. I asked him were they going to perform that one and he said “Sure, that’s what we came here for aint it?” I was glad to hear that, and got even more excited to know that they were going to reach back a couple of CDs and do that one.

Shortly after that, a young man approached Lee and asked him if he was ready. He asked the young man if they needed him right now. The young man looked into Lee’s eyes and really didn’t want to tell him “Yeah man, it’s time for you now,” but he had to say it. At that point, Lee said with a hint of disappointment, “Man!” He turned to us and gave us all a handshake with a small hug (you know how we do). He told us how he enjoyed chatting with us and how we took him back to a lot of good memories. We expressed our enjoyment as well and took a photo with him and left him alone so he could handle his business.


We looked at each other after that wonderful 30 to 40 minute experience with one of the most popular and down to earth gospel artist of our time, and said “Man! I can’t believe how he just walked up to us after we were talking about him just a few minutes ago!” We were so pumped up that we didn’t know how to process what had just happened to us. We are all Christians that really believe Lee Williams is true to what he sings. So to meet him was really something special to us.


Needless to say, we were all on the front row when the concert started, and by then, the fourth member had joined us. When Lee Williams and the Spiritual QCs hit the stage, we were not disappointed at all. One of our members hadn’t been to a Lee Williams concert before. He was instantly taken in by the stage presence and overall performance of Lee Williams and the Spiritual QCs. I sang along with every last one of the songs that they played.


Now don’t get me wrong, The Canton Spirituals did a fantastic job as well, but I am more of a Lee Williams fan for a few personal reasons. But when we left the seats and went out into the hallway to leave, I discovered at that moment, that I had just attended the best gospel concert ever. For me to say that, Lee Williams had to cut through a lot of concerts in order to make it to number one on that list.


That was probably my third Lee Williams concert. I saw them once at the Mississippi Explosion (Hampton University), once at Bethel COGIC in Norfolk, and then at Booker T Washington High School in Norfolk. If they come back again, I will try to see them again because I know one thing if I don’t know anything else: Lee Williams gives one of the best gospel concerts that a person can ask for. Not only that, I am convinced that he means what he sings, and that is not so easy to find these days.


Last, I want to say that I enjoyed my last Lee Williams concert so much, that they could have probably sold me another ticket on my way out of the building. God bless Lee Williams and the Spiritual QC’s!








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