Spencer Taylor & The Highway QC's

The Legend

For this the month of July we take a look at the newest project from one of quartet gospel's legendary groups. After over 56 years of singing praises to God Spencer Taylor and his Highway QC's are still a force to be reckoned with. From their early VJ 45s during the 1950's to their current label Marxan, it has been a long hard road. Though times and styles have changed The Highway QC's have always been at the forefront of those changes. This project is nothing short of what we call today New Traditional Quartet gospel. The term "New" is employed to emphasize the heavy influence of modern instrumentation. Though the QC's have one of the tightest bands on the road the sound is still Legendary.

Be careful when you put this project in your CD player because you might not be able to take it out. "The Legend" falls right in line with what I call the 90's sound of The QC's. This sound consists of a heavy musical influence. Take for example their 1996 project "Hush". This CD was so tight as far as production is concerned you would be hard pressed to fit a pin between their arrangements. For this their latest project Spencer has enlisted the Production skills of soon to be Legend Paul Porter of The Christianaires. Selections such as "Tell Me What Road" are noticeably tighter, although the familiar arrangement experiences little change. With legendary lead singer Spencer Taylor at the helm the QC sound never strays far from it's smooth roots. As many know The Highway QC's have always been known for being one of the smoothest groups on the road. This project is truly yet another example of that smooth as ice sound.

Though it would be a futile effort to mention all the songs of note on this project we will review a few. The project opens with a new Selection from the Legends entitled "Rapture". This song was penned by James Fluellyn, a former member of the QC's who has returned to add yet another weapon to the QC's already powerful arsenal. His smooth tenor is literally identical to Joe Britt who has been an integral part of the QC background for years. Many know him for his background falsetto yelps during their slow songs like "Hush". "Rapture" starts with some funky guitar playing by the talented John Burwell. Spencer Taylor weaves his way through this powerful selection. After going to work with the trademark selection "Do You Love Him" the project slows down with the aforementioned "Tell Me What Road" and the newest in the line of QC church wreckers "Wings". This song penned by Clarence Ballard is a perfect fit for the QC's smooth side. Spencer Taylor is at his best crooning with the occasional growl for emphasis. The title cut "The Legend" (Child of God) is a powerful selection in which Spencer tells of the group's long hard road. In a very humble manner he admonishes everyone to merely think of him as a child of God. On a whole this project is flawless. However, if you don't like a lot of instrumentation this one is definitely not for you. I give Spencer Taylor & The Highway QC's "The Legend" a 10 out of 10.


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