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The Evereadys are back and “ready” to minister to you.  If there was ever a group deserving of all of the accolades that comes with being an outstanding national recording artist, this is the group.  Who can forget “Learning To Lean,” "My Soul Love Jesus," "The Lord Will Fix It," or "Hold To His Hand."  Every album released by The Evereadys in the 80’s contained nothing but hits.  Even after 20 years, these songs, any many more of the Evereadys’ songs from the 80’s, are still on the airways.  In addition, these songs and others have become staples on Gospel Internet Radio Broadcasts.  No doubt then that the new project from the Evereadys was so highly anticipated.  


The first thing you will notice when you put this CD in the player is that the group still sounds like the Evereadys of the 80’s.  Secondly, you will notice that the group has stayed true to their roots – Traditional Gospel Quartet Music.   And probably more importantly, you will realize that this project really ministers to you.


Thanks to New Orleans Saints running back - Joe Horn legendary quartet gospel group - the Evereadys recorded their first recording in 18 years for Horn’s new record label – For Life Miracle, Sontag, Mississippi.   The CD is titled Just for My Friends.    The project was released in September 2005.  This 12 track CD is bound to be a best seller not just because of friends of the Evereadys, but because of fans of great gospel quartet music.


Back in the 1980s, the Evereadys were one of the hottest tickets in quartet gospel circles.  This new CD will once again, make the Evereadys a group in great demand for concerts.  "They are a group that left some unfinished business and they are coming back to finish it,” says George Stewart, Executive Director of the American Gospel Quartet Convention.


According to lead singer Jerome Williams, “the new CD Just for My Friends is a gift to the longtime believers in the Evereadys.  There’s a lot of people who are still in our corner, who still play our music.   A lot of them are still playing `Learning to Lean.’ So I said this CD is gonna be for my friends. Everybody that liked anything about the Evereadys, this is for you.”


Current group members Aaron Beasley, Marvin Reed, Freddie and Jerome Williams have compiled a dozen songs that range from country (“Trusting God”) and big band (“Forever”) to urban contemporary (“Fly Away”) and traditional quartet (“Speak Your Word”), all well rooted in the gospel quartet genre.


“The thing about the new CD that I like is that a lot of the music we used to try to do is more accepted now so this product shows how the group has grown,” says Marvin Reed. “When we were touring before, we traveled primarily in the south. Hopefully, this new CD will allow us to venture out and do some of the contemporary things even if we appeared on some R&B programs it would be fine with me. As long as we can sing about Jesus.”


Over the next twelve days we will review a different song from the project.  Starting October 19, 2005, a clip from a different song will be played through October 30, 2005.     


The songs -


We begin with “Go With Jesus” – a very powerful song.  If the Evereadys were looking for a song to bridge the gap between their last project A Message For You and the new project, they certainly did so with this song.   This song gives you all that you expect from The Evereadys; great message, superb lead singer, tight harmony, great message, outstanding instrumentation, and the production on this song is one of the best.


Make A Way" is the first track on the CD.  The tempo is upbeat.  The harmony is very tight.  You will immediate realize that these guys have not lost any of the strength of their voices.  They really do sound like the Evereadys of the 80’s.  The message in the song is quite clear – no matter what challenges you are experiencing, God will make a way.     


How Long” is the first ballad on the CD.  It will grasp your attention, in that it is reflective of a comment that all have made, or at least thought often, while going through challenges of life – Lord, How Long! 


Matthew 8:5-10 is the subject of the song “Speak Your Word.”   This is a wonderful ballad that tells the story of the ailing servant and the faith of the Centurion.


There is a very interesting arrangement to “Can’t Hurry God.”  The message of the song reinforces the fact that you can’t hurry God.  No matter how long it takes to get the answer you are seeking, you should wait on God.  For those that enjoy the music of the seventies you will hear several chords in the arrangement that truly takes you back to the 70’s.


Keep Blessing Me” is one of the songs that may not get much radio airplay, but will be enjoyed by those listening to the CD.  This song will also take you back to the 70’s.  Fans of the Violinaires will like this song.  The guys bring the vocal style of the Violinaires to this song. 


The harmony on “Forever” is superb.  This is another song that will take you back to the 70’s.  Jerome’s storytelling ability is uniquely woven into this song.  You will find yourself listening to this song over and over.  


Come To Christ” is one of two songs on the project written and produced by Marvin Reed.  The song extends the invitation to the listener to Come to Christ, for you do not want to hear Him say “I never knew you.”


Awesome God” is a great praise and worship song.  It will not be surprising to learn that many church choirs around the country are singing this song.


All Your Blessings Will Come Down” is the other song on the project written and produced by Marvin Reed.  There are interesting chords in this outstanding arrangement.  The beginning chords will take you to the "country."  The message of the song is quite clear – trust in God.     


Fly Away” is by no means the traditional “I’ll Fly Away.”  Although, some of the words are the same, this song is another awesome ballad.


Trust in Jesus” is the final track.  Just as this project begins with a powerful message in song, it ends the same way.  If you consider the entire project being a song service, “Trust In Jesus” is an appropriate benediction.  Your journey with the Eveready, however, will be just beginning, because you will want to return to the first track and start the services all over again.       




To purchase your copy of this CD contact For Life Miracle Records, 2105 Pipeline Lane, Sontag, MS 39665, or Roderick Jemison at (615) 941-5685 or email him at




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