The Christianaires

Stand Up! LIVE

The Christianaires of Sontag, Mississippi are no strangers to the quartet world.  The Christianaires are one of the few quartets on the road today that defy description in terms of style category.  Much like the Williams Brothers of Smithdale, Mississippi, the Christianaires present a mixture of traditional/contemporary quartet.  Under the leadership of the great Paul Porter the group is able to adapt to whatever the situation might call for.  This the group's second LIVE recording shows their versatility as they perform a mixture of both traditional and slightly contemporary numbers all on one night in Morton, Mississippi. In fact this LIVE recording took place the same night as The Highway QC's recording which has been released entitled "He Said! LIVE". 

The group's lead vocalist Paul Porter is a vocal genius, amazing audiences everywhere with his vocal control and manipulation.  Though he does not travel with the group at all times Paul and Tyrone Porter's brother Charles Porter is also featured on this new recording.  Fans of the Blind Boys of Alabama will remember Charles from his days as the lead vocalist for the group during the 1970s especially on the Jewel label. This LIVE recording takes things to the next level as The Christianaires present everything from hard driving numbers like  "He's Using Me" and "Mainline" ,to powerful tear jerker's like "I Found Life" and "Don't Leave Me". Known for his slow songs, Paul Porter really blesses the listener with his powerful testimony on "Don't Leave Me" a Christianaire classics that's makes a return on this recording.

 A perfect example of the group's versatility is found on their "No, No, No medley".  During this medley Paul Porter and the fellas present songs from a wide variety of tempos and sounds and even include a choir on a few of the songs.  Among the many songs in this medley Christianaire fans will love the LIVE versions of "I'd Trade A Lifetime" and "Ain't Not Right Way To Do Wrong".

So what makes this CD so great?  First, I must mention that Paul Porter is by far one of the best producers in the gospel music industry.  With that said, you can expect perfection in terms of production and mixing.  I do have to say though that the project lacks a little something in crowd response.  This probably has a bit to do with the overdubs that were added during the production stages which causes a loss of crowd noise. Though I think you realize this is a great CD,  I can't begin to emphasis the variety that is offered on this project.  One of my favorite numbers is not even one of the songs with the group singing on the background.  In fact, quartet fans you might just fall in love like I did with the choir number "God's Gonna Work It Out" with it's classic quartet guitar strum at the beginning. 

As one who has always enjoyed Charles' work I do have to mention his great lead work on "Let God Fix It", "He's Using Me", "Forgive Me", and "Mainline". His driving lead voice mixes perfectly with Paul especially on songs like "Mainline" where they vocally duel it out.  I would be remised if I didn't mention the anchor of the group's tight background harmony Mr. Tyrone Porter who also serves as the director of the Quartet Division of the GMWA. Tyrone and the rest of the fellas hold down the harmony that makes the Christianaires one of the premier group's in the country.

If you're looking for a great new CD with the perfect mixture of songs then The Christianaires "Stand Up! LIVE" is your choice.  I give The Canton Spirituals "Nothing But The Hits" a 9 out of 10. You can hear a cut from this CD by clicking on the song title "Mainline". Pick your copy up today by clicking HERE.



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