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March 2019


1951: Sam Cooke makes his first recording with the Soul Stirrers, "Peace In The Valley."

2010: Major Roberson of The Pilgrim Jubilees died in Chicago, IL.


1954: The Soul Stirrers record "Jesus, I'll Never Forget."

1954: Eddie Bubba Crumbley, Jr., Lead Guitar Player for The Dynamic Holy Spiritualaires of Laurel, MS, is born.

2017: Elder Dennis Miller, of Doc McKenzie & The Hi-Lites, dies.


1931: Robert Hamlett of the Fairfield Four is born in Nashville, TN.

2004: Jimmy "TANK" Bush, of The Sensational Saints Of Cleveland, Ohio, dies.



1903: Lowell Peters lead singer of the Southernaries is born in Cleveland, TN.

1951: James A. Taylor of the Birmingham Sunlights is born

1931: Wilson "Lit" Waters of the Fairfield Four is born in Nashville, TN.

1997: Prince Dixon dies in Los Angeles CA.


1928: Spencer Taylor Sr. of The Highway QCs is born, Indianola, MS.

1914: Thermon Ruth lead singer of the Selah Jubilee Singers is born in Pomaria, SC.

1978: N. Sphers Babb of the Radio Four dies in Hopkinsville, KY.

1988: Mattie Johnson lead singer of the Stars of Faith dies in Washington, D.C.

2014: Mr. Willie Connell Johnson of The Mighty Brooklyn Skyways (and the father of D. A. Johnson, Executive Director, Gospel Division, MALACO) died in Brooklyn, NY.



1947: The Kings of Harmony record "Little David."

1991: Rev. Sam McCrary, lead singer of the Fairfield Four dies.


2010: Mr. Roy Ozier, Jr., one of the founding members of The Flint Cavaliers, died in Flint, MI.


2005: George Scott, one of the founding members of The Blind Boys of Alabama, died in Durham, NC.



2007: Mrs. Aileen Green, a member of B. T. Green & The Christian Harmonettes, died in Durham, NC.

1951: Calvert McNair of the Sensational Nightingales is born.

1917: Robert Reed of the Spirit of Memphis is born in TN.


1920: Jeanette Harris lead singer of the Golden Harps and wife of R.H. Harris is born in VA.

1998: Harold Carrethers of the Fairfield Four dies in Nashville, TN.

2008: Juanita Douglas, lead singer of The Sincerity Singers of Louisville, KY, died.


2006: Michael Henderson of God's Posse died in Chicago, IL.

1938: Jessy Dixon is born.


1940: Louis Johnson second lead singer of the Swan Silvertones is born in Sumter, SC.

2011: Rev. Clifford James (CJ) Taylor, of The Taylor Brothers, died in  Blackshear, GA.

2018: Clay Graham of The Legendary Pilgrim Jubilees dies in Chicago, IL.


Clara Ward Records the album "We Gotta Shout" with the Dukes of Dixieland.


1944: The Jubilaires record "Before This Time Another Year."

1916: J. H. Medlock of the Soul Stirrers is born in TX.

2003: Vera Kolb of the Gospel Harmonettes dies in Birmingham, AL.

2010: Charles H. Brown, lead singer for The Six Voices of Zion (of Columbia, SC), died in Columbia, SC.


1985: Geroge Mccurn of the Pilgrim Travelers dies in Los Angeles CA.

2009: Ken Cook, gospel music industry executive, died in Nashville, TN.


Martin Bryant, Lead Singer of New Era Gospel Quartet, died in Kansas City, KS.


1929: George Scott of The Blind Boys of Alabama is born in Notasoga, AL.

1932: Rev. Cleophus Robinson is born.

2005: Bob Chatman of The Mighty Stars of Harmony dies in Oxford, MS.


2001: Robert "Dad" Blair of The Fantastic Violinaires dies in Detroit, MI.

2018:  Mrs. Frankie McCurdy, the wife of James McCurdy (foremerly of The Fantastic Violinaires) died.


2007: Bishop Gilbert Earl Patterson died in Memphis, TN


1940: Solomon Burke (born James Solomon McDonald), Minister and Recording Artist, is born in Philadelphia, PA.

2008: Dillard Crume of the Crume Brothers and The Soul Stirrers died in Reidsville, GA.

2008: Odessa Still, renowned Radio Angel and former member of The  Deep River Songbirds, died in Cleveland, OH.


Rev. Thomas Dorsey records "Singing In My Soul."

The Famous Blue Jay Singers record "Jesus Hits Like the Atom Bomb."

1915: Rosetta Tharpe is born.

1993: Franklin Williams of the Jackson Southernaires dies in Savannah, GA.


1916: R. H. Harris of the Soul Stirrers is born in Trinity, TX.

1943: Henry Green of the Williams Brothers is born in Smithdale, MS.


1931: Isaiah "Little Shot" Jones of The Violinaires is born in AL.

2008: Chalmers "Spanky" Alford, gospel musician extraordinaire, died.

2008: David L. Yancey of The Yancey Brothers died in Newark, DE.


1971: Pastor Anthony Spencer of the Windy City Spiritualaires is born.

2007: Reginald Jarvis of The Jarvis Brothers of Orangeburg, SC, died.

2008: Denise T. Brown of The Taylor Singers died in West Columbia, SC.

2008: Junious Bud Norfleet, the last surviving member of The Norfleet Brothers, died in Chicago, IL.

2012: Frank Benjamin of The Harmonizing Six (of St. Mathews, SC) died in Orangeburg, SC.

2018: Mr. Arthur Jordan, Jr., of The Gospel Express, died in Dothan, AL.


1994: Rev. Reuben Willingham dies.

2007: Nero "Mr. Gospel" Tindal, Jr., legendary  gospel promoter, died in Columbia, SC.


1992: Clara Ward Singers are added to Philadelphia's Walk of Fame.

1906: Elijah Jones of the Gospel Writers is born in Millington, TN.

2008: Dr. Robert E. Wooten, Sr. died in Chicago, IL.

2013: Johnny "Furman" Hunter, Promoter and Member of The Rolling Travelers, died in Apex, NC.



2007: Sharon Smith-Jackson of Hammond, LA died. 

1976: Chris McKoy of Willis Pittman & The Burden Lifters is born in Chapel Hill, NC.

1916: Silas Steele of the Spirit of Memphis is born in Brighton, AL.



2018: Mr. James McCurdy, formerly of The Fantastic Violinaires, died.


Walter Settles of the Fairfield Four is born in Columbia, TN

2010:  Kelvin (Big Mac) Mathis  of Big Mac & The Harmonettes of Columbia, SC,  died in Columbia, SC.

Among the legendary gospel groups currently active are the Canton Spirituals (formed in 1946), the Dixie Hummingbirds (1928), the Soul Stirrers (1929), Blind Boys of Alabama (1937), Blind Boys of Mississippi (1932), Swanee Quintet (1940), Jackson Southernaires (1940), Sensational Nightingales (1942), and Fairfield Four (1921).  In 1956, The Swanee Quintet became the first black gospel group to have its own touring bus.  One of their first major trips outside of Augusta was to Mount Olive Baptist Church on Long Island, New York.  It was their first guaranteed concert fee, which was $150.00. 




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