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November 2017




1903: Don Robey owner of Peacock Records is born in Houston, TX.


2010: Pastor Eldred Lewis Haynes of The Singing Crusaders of Camden, SC, died in Newberry, SC.




Harvey Watkins Jr. of the Canton Spirituals is born in Canton, MS.


2009: Rev. Frederick H. Bolton, former musician with Doc McKenzie & The Gospel Hi-Lites, died in Birmingham, AL.




1987: Elgie Graham of The Pilgrim Jubilees dies in Chicago, IL.




1927: Cora Martin of the Sallie Martin Singers is born in Chicago, IL.


1957: The Dixie Hummingbirds record "Christian Automobile."


2008: Senator Barack Obama elected President of the United States of America.


2014 Ernest Lowery, Jr., of the legendary Lowery Brothers of Montgomery, AL, died.


2015: Promoter Eleanor "Red" Collins died in Macon, GA.




1979: R. B. Robinson of the Soul Stirrers dies in Troy, Alabama.


2012: President Barack Obama re-elected President of the United States of America.




1973: Rev. O. M. Hoover Checker recording artist dies in Cleveland, OH.




1928: Clarence Hopkins of The Southern Sons is born in Cleveland, OH.


2017: Mr. Robert Bowers, Lead Guitarist for Ronica And The Mighty Blazing Stars,  died in Mooresville, NC.




1912: Brother Joe May is born, Macon, MS.




1935: Pervis Staples of the Staples Singers is born in Drew, MS.


2009: Mary Jane King of The Corinthian Singers died in Indianapolis, IN.




1991: J. H. Medlock of the Soul Stirrers and Christland Singers dies in Houston, TX.


1996: Cordell Reagon of the Freedom Singers dies in Berkeley, CA.


2005: Louise Candy Davis dies in Birmingham, AL.


2009: Johnny Fields, one of the original Five Blind Boys of Alabama, died in Henderson, NC.




2008: Devour "BAM BAM" Robinson, drummer for New Revelation of Chicago and a vocalist with The Anointed Ones of Chicago, was killed in Chicago, IL.




2001: Jerry Dwayne J. D. Heidelberg, Bass Guitar Player for The Dynamic Holy Spiritualaires of Laurel, MS, died.




1994: Harvey Watkins Sr. of the Canton Spirituals dies in Jackson, MS.


2005: Melvin Reed, formerly of The Violinaires and The Gospel Classics, died.


2010: William "Billy" Walker (also known as Willie Walker), a member of Tim Woodson & The Heirs of Harmony, died in Lansing, MI.




1962: Joey Williams of The Blind Boys of Alabama is born in New York City, NY.


2002: Rev. E. Stewart of E. Stewart & The Stewart Family dies in Houston, TX.


2014: Brenda Russell, former member of The Truthettes and a Gospel Promoter, died in Greensboro, NC.




1910: Spencer Jackson of the Consolators is born in Thomaston, AL.


Melvin Wilson, of Doc McKenzie & The Hi-Lites, is born in Bethel, NC.


2012: Brothers Matthew Richardson and Kelvin Richardson, members of The Richardson Starlights, died in Huger, SC.  


2017: Pastor Shawn Jones, of Shawn Jones And The Believers (and formerly of The Alabama Spirituals), died.




Flossie Boyd Johnson, of Flossie and The Singing Sisters, is born in Bishopville, SC.


1953: The 5 Blind Boys of Alabama record "The Sermon."


2006: Bernice Cole, formerly of The Angelic Gospel Singers, died in New York City, NY.




1895: Sallie Martin is born in Pittfield, GA.


2007: Jewell Rowe, singer and promoter, died in Los Angeles, CA.




1912: Rufus Carrethers bass singer for the Fairfield Four is born in Nashville, TN.


2005: Ruby Sommerville-Dixon "affectionately known as Mother Dixon" died in St. Louis, MO.


2005: Robert Turner, of Robert Turner and The Silver Heart Singers, died in Indianapolis, IN.




1993: Robert Reed of the Spirit of Memphis dies in Memphis, TN.


2011: James Earl Richmond, of The Mighty Kings of Harmony, died in Memphis, TN.


2014: Deacon Timothy Smith, Founder and Lead Singer of The Gospel Aires of Alapaha, GA, died.




1926: Clara Smith records "Get on Board."




1909: Leon "Pop" Williams of The Williams Brothers is born in MS.


Kerry & Jerry Marable of the Marable Twins and Company were born in Murfreesboro, TN.

2005: Wilson "Lit" Waters, Jr., of the Grammy Award-winning Fairfield Four,  died in Nashville, TN.


2009: Joe Cephus Patton, gospel singer known as "Big Joe Patton," died in Niagara Falls, NY.




Cornelius Dewayne Watkins of the Canton Spirituals is born in Canton, MS.


2009: Francis Steadman, member of the Mary Johnson Davis Singer, Clara Ward Singers, and The Stars of Faith, died in Baltimore, MD.


2013: Rev. George Easley, former Lead Singer of The Gospel Keynotes and The Sweet Singing Cava-Leers, died in Los Angeles, CA.



1919: Elgie Graham of The Pilgrim Jubilees is born in Houston, MS.


2010: Dr. Jerome Brown, an original member of The Mighty Clouds of Joy, died in Los Angeles, CA.




1929: Clarence Fountain, lead singer for the Blind Boys of Alabama is born in Tyler, AL.


2010: Mrs. Emma Lumzy, mother of The Lumzy Sisters, died in Somerset, NJ.


Gospel Songwriter Kenneth Morris wrote such well-known hymns as "Does Jesus Care?" and "Eyes Hath Not Seen." In 1940, he and gospel pioneer Sallie Martin formed the renowned Martin & Morris music publishing house.


Special Thanks to: Eric LeBlanc and Ted Holland for the help on these dates.




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