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June 2017




1918: Marie Knight is born, Brooklyn, N.Y.


1992: Wilmer "Little Axe" Broadnax dies, Philadelphia, PA.


Joetta Watkins, of The Bell Singers of Memphis, TN, is born.


Rodrick Arrington of The Fantastic Violinaires was born in Fort Lauderdale, FL.




1981: Joseph Johnson, founder and lead singer of the Echoaires, is born.


2008: Barack Obama became the Democratic Party presumptive nominee for President of the US.




1988: Edward "Preacher" Thomas of the Fairfield Four dies, New Orleans, LA.




1961: Michael Cook of The Mighty Clouds of Joy is born.




1916: James B. Davis of the Dixie Hummingbirds is born in Greenville, SC.


1928: James Babb of the Radio Four is born, Kentucky.


1989: Clifford Givens bass singer for the Southern Sons dies, Los Angeles, CA.


2006: Billy Preston died in Scottsdale, Arizona.


2008: Lottie Mclamb, gospel promoter, died in Bennettsville, SC.




1911: S.R. Crain of the Soul Stirrers is born, San Augustine, TX.


2000: Rev. James Moore dies, Memphis, TN




1959: Curtis Foster is born, Cincinnati, OH.




1940: Richard Wallace of the Mighty Clouds of Joy is born, Palistine, TX.




Elder Donald Danner, Quartet Gospel Singer, of Barnwell, South Carolina, is born.




1923: George Babb of the Radio Four is born, Kentucky


1925: Major Robinson of the Pilgrim Jubilees is born, Gunnison, MS.


2005: Jesse "Pop" Clifford Austin, Jr. of the Kings of Harmony Gospel Singers in Bristol, PA dies.


2011: Rev. Eugene Rivers (The Mississippi Midget) died in Jackson, MS.




2013: Donna Creer, Gospel Music Industry Executive and Radio Angel, died in Little Rock, AR.




2013: Robert Mickey Martin, former drummer with The Brooklyn Allstars and Willie Banks & The Messengers, died in Greensboro, NC.




1924: Bob Crutcher of the Chosen Gospel Singers is born, Brooklyn, NY.


1995: Robert Anderson of the Roberta Martin Singers dies, Hazel Crest, IL.


2003: Bro. Esmond Patterson Legendary radio announcer in Atlanta dies Atlanta, GA.




1919: Raleigh Turnage of the CBS Trumpeteers is born, South Carolina


1927: Alphonzo Norris Martin, radio broadcaster, is born, Wiinston-Salem, North Carolina.


2011: Rev. Dr. James Wade, Gospel Promoter, of Irvington/Newark, New Jersey, died.




2006: Roy "Mr. Malaco" Wooten died in Jackson, Mississippi.




2005: Ronald "Ron" Winans of The Winans dies in Detroit, Michigan.




1988: Sallie Martin of the Sallie Martin singers dies, Chicago, IL.




1929: Big Henry Johnson of the Blind Boys of Mississippi is born, Orange, TX.




1928: Dickie Freeman of the Fairfield Four is born, Johns, AL.


2010: Bishop Samuel Lee McCormick died in Fort Lauderdale, FL.




1992: Thomas Whitfield dies, Detroit, MI.


1977: Keith Barber of the Pilgrim Travelers dies, Houston, TX.


2014:  Deacon B. T. Green, of B. T. Green & The Christian Harmonettes, died in Durham, NC.




1929: Rev. F.C. "Bishop" Barnes is born, Nash County, N.C.




1904: Willie Mae Ford Smith is born, Rolling Fork, Miss.


1925: Rev. Clay Evans is born, Brownsville, TN.


George Dean of George Dean and Gospel Four is born in Somerville, TN.


2015: Evangelist Maggie Ingram, of Maggie Ingram & The Ingramettes, dies in Richmond, VA.




1927: Eugene Mumford of the Selah Jubilee Singers is born, Durham, NC.


2008: Ira Tucker of The Dixie Hummingbirds died in Philadelphia, PA.




1947: Frank Williams of the Jackson Southernaires is born, Smithdale, MS.


1945: Harry Womack bass singer for the Womack Brothers is born, Cleveland, OH.


Bishop Darrell McFadden of Darrell McFadden and The Fantastic Disciples was born in Brooklyn, NY.


2007: William Bill Moss, Sr., of Bill Moss and The Celestials, died in Detroit, MI.


2012: Ben Chandler, of The Pilgrim Jubilees, died in Atlanta, GA.



1988: James Babb of the Radio Four dies, Union City, TN.


2003: Kitty Parham of the Stars of Faith dies, Philadelphia, PA


2010: Deborah (Debra) Fling, Quartet Gospel Promoter, died in Marion, SC.




1994: Beachey Thompson of The Dixie Hummingbirds dies, Philadelphia, PA.




1989: Charles Bridges of the Birmingham Jubilee Singers dies, Chicago, IL.




1953: Ronald Brown of The Christianaires is born, Wesson, MS.


2012: Mrs. Earline Scott (Television Personality whose program 30 Minutes Of Gospel aired on Channel 24 in Atlanta, GA) died.


Rev. Charles Albert Tindley, who began publishing hymns in 1901, was one of the pioneers of modern gospel music. Credited with leading the genre from the era of the Negro spiritual into the era of gospel songs, he was also a major influence on "the Father of Gospel," Rev. Thomas A. Dorsey.




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