Willis Pittman & The Burden Lifters

Listen To What The Word Is Saying!

Often without looking at the cover of a CD when you hear a song the first few notes identifies the group.  These are groups that have a unique and consistent style.  Willis Pittman and The Burden Lifters are one of those groups.


This group is probably best know for the story telling talents of Mr. Pittman and for the song “Thunder.”  Consistent with their style and story telling ability, Willis Pittman and The Burden Lifters have delivered another CD that is sure to be a favorite among their fans.  Their new CD is titled “Listen To What The Word Is Saying!”  Because of the unique style of The Burden Lifters, this new CD could be considered a continuation of the CD’s “I Belong To A King” and “Our Best To You.”  Although, you will be hard press to find any new arrangements on this CD and few truly new songs, it is worth adding this CD to your collection.


The CD begins with “Over There In Glory.”  This song will certainly remind you of “Thunder.”  It is vintage Willis Pittman.  The next track is the title of the CD, “Listen To What The Word Is Saying.”  The song reminds us to read the Bible regularly and to head the Word.  You will notice that the first few cords to this song bring to mind the song “Stand Still Jordan.” 


“I Ain’t Worried About It” is the next track.  It is a good song that reflects the strength of a grandmother’s faith in light of the 9/11 tragedy.  It is followed by “A Blessing Coming Your Way.”  Once again, this song will take you back to some of the earlier recordings of The Burden Lifters.


The fifth track is “Keep on Praying.”  Of all of the songs on this project, this is probably the one you will play over and over.  The message of the song is simply yet powerful – just keep praying.  “My Mother and Father,” the sixth track has the same arrangement of The Angel Gospel Singers’ “Glory To The New Born King.”  This, however, in no way takes away from the message of the song, which is the role that mothers and fathers have in forming the character of their children, and it developing their walk with God.


Richard Dowdy sings lead on the next track, “You’re not alone.”  This is followed by Norris Pittman singing lead on “God Can Help You.”


The final two tracks are “Shine Down” and “Come On By Here Lord.”   They were previously recorded by the group on the project “I Belong To A King.”


Overall fans of Willis Pittman & The Burden Lifters will enjoy this project.  And for any serious fan of quartet music it should be a part of your collection.  Overall we give this project a 7.5 out of 10.  Click on the red song title to hear “I Ain’t Worried About It.”




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