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I Don't Know





Don’t be surprised the next time you see Paul Beasley and ask him the name of his new CD and he says – ‘I Don’t Know.’ After the initial response, he might clarify his answer to remove the bewildered look from your face by saying – “I Don’t Know” IS the name of my new CD. So, this month we take a closer look at this new offering from one of the most recognizable voices in gospel music.

Mention Paul Beasley and immediately fans of this genre know that you are referring to one of the all-time great falsetto singers.  Singers like the late Reverend Claude Jeter,
The Gospelaires, and The Violinaires help establish the falsetto vocals as a permanent fixture in gospel music. Paul Beasley would come along as a member of The Gospel Keynotes and bring that unique vocal pitch to a new generation of gospel music fans.


The early works of The Gospel Keynotes were peppered with the late Willie Neal Johnson calling on Paul to sing. And, singing he did. Paul would reach octaves that just seem impossible to others. He could stretch out a word ending in “e” to the point that it would become the focal point of the song.

Paul eventually left the
Keynotes and joined The Mighty Clouds Of Joy. While with the Clouds audiences would be mesmerize with his rendition of "Walk Around Heaven."  That song became a key part of any Clouds’ performance. Once Paul left the Clouds, the song remained a part of his performance. And, even if he did not intend to do the sing it at a concert, the audience would demand the song before he could leave the stage.

Fortunately, Paul returned to the Keynotes before the passing of Willie Neal Johnson.  Thus, giving us several projects in the 90's with Willie once again calling on Paul.  Since Johnson’s passing, various configuration of the group released projects that received mediocre attention. Now, Paul and his lineup of
The Gospel Keynotes have released a project that should garner the support of even the most die-hard Keynotes’ fans.

The title track is an awesome re-work of the familiar gospel song “You Don’t Know (What the Lord Has Done For Me)” that Paul and the guys have made personal. In other words, I don’t know what He’s done for you, but let me tell you what He’s done for me. Paul’s voice is as strong as ever on this and all the other songs. The smooth falsetto vocals that we all expect from Paul are present throughout the project.

There are several songs on the project that will have you asking – who is that vocalist that sounds so much like the late Willie Neal Johnson? This is particularly true on “I Really Miss You.” The song is a tribute to Mr. Johnson. It begins with a 61 seconds monologue that makes it appear Johnson is speaking to Paul from the ‘other shore.’ Paul masterfully moves into sharing thoughts about The Country Boy to delivering an outstanding ballad. This is one powerful song.

Paul shares a personal reflection of missing his mother on “Hear Mother Pray Again.” Once again, he has taken another very popular gospel song and made it personal.

Other songs on the project are “Power In The Name Of Jesus,” “Bending Knees,” “I'm Yours,” “Joy,” “Oh, The Blood,” “No Friend Like Jesus,” and “Dwell In Me.”

If you are looking for a quartet gospel project that captures that familiar
Keynotes' sound, this is it.  Overall this is a very good project. 


The project should be available everywhere.  If you have not purchased this project, head to your local record store, or click on I Don't Know to purchase it online. 


We give Paul Beasley & The KeynotesI Don't Know a 9 out of 10.  Click on the title to hear "No Friend Like Jesus.






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