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The Old Time Way

Taking Quartet Gospel To The Next Level!


For the month of November, we take a look at the new CD by one of the gentle giants of gospel music – Rev. F. C. Barnes.  Bishop F. C. Barnes rocketed on to the national stage in the 1980’s with “Rough Side Of The Mountain.” At that time he was part of a duet that included Rev. Janice Brown. They recorded several albums. Once the duet dissolved, Rev. Barnes continued to record under the name Rev. F. C. Barnes & Company.  Their most recent CD is titled The Old Time Way


There are several unique aspects to this CD that just might be of interest to quartet gospel fans.  First, the CD is on the Atlanta International Records (AIR) label.  Many may recall that a few years ago AIR became part of the MALACO family. With the release of this project, MALACO confirms for the gospel music enthusiast that AIR is still an active label.  Secondly, the project was produced by Deborah C. Barnes.  She is a songstress, a songwriter, an arranger, and now a Producer.  It is not the first time a national gospel recording artist has been produced by a female Producer.  But, it certainly is refreshing to see female quartet gospel artists receiving exclusive credit as The Producer instead of being relegated to sharing (co-producer) credit. Thirdly, Darrell Luster, of The Sensational Nightingales, shares lead duties with Rev. Barnes on one of the songs – "(God Is God) He Won’t Change."  The song was written by Darrell Luster and is the title track of the CD Darrell Luster & Friends.

The other songs on the project are “Fix Me,” “Gave My Heart To Jesus,” “Let's Go Home,” “Get Right Church,” “Somewhere To Lay My Head,” “I'll Be Alright,” “Send Me,” “Let Your Will Be Done,” and “Know Who's Going To Heaven.” All of these songs, except “Somewhere To Lay My Head,” were written by Rev. Barnes.

All the songs are worthy of your attention.  Like many of the recent releases from MALACO this project is filled with potential radio and fan favorites. Those that will stand out will probably be “Somewhere To Lay My Head,” “Let Your Will Be Done,” and “Get Right Church

The arrangement on "Somewhere To Lay My Head" is beyond awesome. The best version of this song, we thought, was done by
Spencer Taylor & The Highway QC’s on the project Hasn’t Always Been Easy.  Well, Rev. Barnes & Company has taken it to another level.  The storytelling talents of Rev. Barnes surfaced in his recounting the story of Job as a part of the song.  What really makes it unique is that during the delivery of the story Rev. Barnes sounds like he is preaching instead of singing. And, the all female background signers really work this song into a fever pitch.

“Get Right Church” is actually a blending of two (2) mainstays in gospel music – “I’m Going Home On The Morning Train” and “I Believe I’ll Run On See What The End Is Going To Be.”  By combining the songs into the original version of “Get Right Church,” you get a drive song that is sure to be emulated by gospel groups (and choirs) around the country.

"Let Your Will Be Done" is, yes - you guest it, another drive song. The background singers add a dimension to the song that makes the delivery of the prophetic message (of God’s will being done in every aspect of our lives) a song that will get your attention. 

There is no doubt that all of Rev. Barnes’ recordings have that down-home traditional gospel music foundation. The new project is no exception. Thus, the title The Old Time Way is very fitting.

We give F. C. Barnes & Company's Old Time Way a 9 out of 10.  Click on the title to hear “Get Right Church."    Click HERE to purchase the CD.






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