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The Journey Continues. . . . .



In gospel music circles when you mention ‘the Brothers’ everyone knows that you are referring to The Williams Brothers.  They have been on the gospel music road for many, many years. With their new CD they remind us that The Journey Continues. . . . ..

The Brothers new offering was released on October 07, 2008.  It is vintage traditional gospel quartet music.

After an Intro, Doug, Melvin and Andre Tate share lead duties on “He Will Answer.”  Melvin and Doug deliver a message that soon all trials and tabulations will be "All Over.”  The message of the next track is no matter what you are going through remain strong.  The song is actually titled “Still Strong.”  This one will have you mediating on life and how good God is.

The project picks up with “That’s What He’ll Do.” This will probably be considered one of the drive songs.  It is certainly one you will expect the Brothers to sing at concerts.  This is one of the songs on this CD written by
Pharis Evens, Jr., the other being “I Tried Jesus

Kirk Franklin joins the Brothers on “Stand On Your Word.”  This is followed by “Time To Be Real.”  Next Lisa Knowles of
The Brown Singers join Melvin on “Alone.”  It is evident from this track that Ms. Knowles is a great vocalist.  The Brown Singers, along with Doug, Melvin and Andre, provide the background vocals for this track.

The ballad “One Chance” is the next track. This is another song with a powerful message that is fitting for the times in which we live. The tempo picks up a little with “The God I Serve

“I Won” is the next song.  This is not
Doc McKenzie & The Hi-Lites’ “I Won.” The mid-tempo arrangement to this song will certainly cause you to pay special attention to the words.  This is one of those songs that fits into the category of - the more you play it, the more you will like it.  By the way, it was co-produced by Castro Coleman

The final song is “I Tried Jesus.”  The Brothers seem to be enjoying themselves on this one. You actually hear Andre interacting with the Brothers.  This one will probably get the most airplay.

The CD closes with an "Outro." 
Henry Green shows up on the "Outro" and he can also be heard on the "Intro."

This new release from The Williams Brothers is worthy of your attention.  We give The Williams Brothers’ The Journey Continues. . . . . an 8.5 out of 10.  To purchase this project click "The Journey Continues."  Click on the title to hear a clip from “I Tried Jesus



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