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When the word legend is associated with anyone in gospel music, you immediately know reference is being made to someone who has been around gospel music for many years and has made a name for himself in this genre.  However, that does not apply to the group whose CD is being reviewed this month.

The Gospel Legends are from Columbia, SC. And, some members of the group can claim to have been around gospel music for a long time.  Several of the guys have family members that have been in the gospel music industry for years. You might remember the late Reverend Pringle and The Melodyettes.  However, most of the group members are only in their twenties, so it is safe to say they have not been around long enough to call themselves Legends. But, in a way, they are legends.

This group has all of the trappings of many of the legendary groups; such as,
The Mighty Clouds of Joy, The Gospel Keynotes, The Swanee Quintet, The Soul Stirrers, The Dixie Hummingbirds, and even The Supreme Angels.  When you listen to The Gospel Legends, you get the impression that they have been heavily influenced by these and other groups from the early days of gospel quartet music.  The group's sound also reminds the listener of the type of gospel music that dominated the airways in the 50s, 60s and 70s.

Listen to their rendition of "Sit Down Weary Servant."  You can hear the late Willie Neal Johnson and Joe Ligon's influence throughout this song.  Listen closely as Allen shouts "My feelings been hurt sometimes. . ."  And, when you hear "If You Can't Make It," you will realize that the guys have even perfected the background harmony of
The Birds.  This is one of the best songs on the CD.

The lead singer, Allen Pringle, Sr., possesses that unique characteristic that will make him one of the up and coming artists to be emulated by those desiring to reach the heights obtained by
The Gospel Legends.  He knows how to deliver a song.  And, yes, he can work a crowd.

Along with Pringle, the other members of the group are Williams Scott Pringle, Sr., Jamie Mickens, Kevin Thompson, Chad Wood, William Pringle, Sr. and Mark Davis, Sr. 

The other songs on this project are "I Didn't Deserve It," "Go Ahead," "Long Ago," "When We All Get Together," "Somebody Prayed For Me" (which is divided into two parts), "Trouble Of This World," "We'll Understand," "When I Get In Glory," "I Won't Have To Cry No More," and "Strengthen Me."  

The versatility of the group is shown with the song "Somebody Prayed For Me."  It showcases the guys' ability to handle ballads.  The guys' ability to tell a heartfelt story is also reflected in this song. 


There are several drive songs on this project.  The guys put you on notice that they came to have 'church' with "When I Get In Glory."  This one deserves much airplay.  One of the best drive songs is "Go Ahead."  After listening to the entire CD, it is safe to say this song will be in demand at concerts across the county.

Many credit Glenn Stevenson with being one of the driving forces behind
Lee Williams & The Spiritual QCs elevation to the national stage.  Glenn was instrumental in The Gospel Legends landing with MCG Records.  With this project, MCG Records have put the world on notice that they are looking to open the doors to the next generation of gospel quartet singers. Immediately upon signing with MCG Records, the group was tapped for a LIVE recording. On May 2, 2009, they were part of the Lee Williams & The Spiritual QCs Live recording in Memphis, Tennessee.


The CD is appropriately titled - Transition.  With this project, The Gospel Legends have transitioned from just another local group to the national stage.  They are positioning themselves to become THE youthful gospel quartet group to take this genre to the next level. 

This release from The Gospel Legends is a great gospel quartet project.   We give The Gospel Legends' Transition a 9 out of 10.  To purchase this CD contact MCG Records.  Click on the title to hear Go Ahead."


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